Naruto Shippuuden Episode 358

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  • JLo milf said:





  • Deinok said:

    Actually the “main story” is a filler of the real Main filler story.

  • Thalmos said:

    I’m glad that Danzo was killed by Sasuke. He despised the Uchiha so much that it led to a rebellion.

  • JoltsOfEnergy said:

    Every dickish thing that the leaf was ever involved in was because of Danzo. He is the head dick of the village.

  • HaremROMcom said:

    what if i told you naruto is actually a filler of a different anime series called flame of recca

  • sadako said:

    WOW Siske IS LIKE 12yrs old and naruto is still infant

  • bustapr said:

    I dont really get why so many people are treating this as a worthless filler. You should realize that this isnt really a filler. They are animating moments mentioned in the manga through flashbacks and creating a storyline that fits them perfectly. Or are you going to tell me that the coup de’ etat, danzo stealing shishuis eye, and Itachis work with the Anbu during that time were filler? Kishimoto isnt going to tell this story through his manga, its left to out imagination to interpret those flashbacks on our own, the animators are just telling the flashbacks their own way.

    As for Danzo, he did alot of asshole things, but you have to accept that everything he did was for the good of the village in his eyes. He believed the Coup de; Etat was inevitable, and to some extent it was entirely true. Rather than to have thousands in the village die in a civil war, he pushed to have the Uchiha clan eliminated. everything he ever did was to protect the village. But alot of what he did also happened to be a very evil way of doing things.

  • bustapr said:

    @sadako, there was a timeskip in the episode. the first half of the ep was in times of the nine tailes attacking the village and the second was years later during the Coup.

  • Demelicos said:

    Sauske was the baby, the ’12 year old’ was itachi.

    It is worthless filler, remember that is isn’t apart of the current storyline. The history of events can not be told by either person they are fighting as a stall tactic since it has spanned over the lifetimes of both Madera and Obito.
    Remember, Naruto is still fighting them? I know it has been a long time, but all the way back in episode 344 early January was when the actual storyline stopped for this annoying history of the leaf garbage.

    Fact is, history is boring, get back to the actual fight.

  • ratkiller884 said:

    good news naruto will be back to it’s main story line in 2 seasons

  • Camion said:

    Don’t confuse filler and flashback, and in the flashback of the flashback (When kyuubi attacks the village), Itachi is not “12 year old” but is around 6, since he was 11 at the time he became anbu (in the main story flashback).

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