Noragami Episode 12

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  • Nekodemoncat said:

    Just an epic end :!!!!!!!!!!!! 9/10

  • Chad said:

    This was an okay anime. It wasn’t bad, wasn’t the best either. However, It has a great ending that ties everything together in a very heartfelt way. Endings like these never fail to make my day.

  • Alex said:

    I really enjoyed this anime sucks that its over but i loved it. Should have been a little longer but it was pretty good.

  • Red94783 said:


  • Name said:

    such a good anime., made my day.

  • DelightThreat said:

    Perfect ending!

  • dafuq said:

    loved the ending felt a bit rushed though 9/10

  • GG said:

    That soundtrack tho

  • Qwaser said:

    need more!! :(

  • Demelicos said:

    There better be a season 2 O.O

    It is a perfect end to a season, but I still want more :)

  • Axel said:

    this will have a second season, right?
    it MUST have a second season….right?

  • Harumi said:

    Am i the only one wondering what those things that appear after the phantoms die are? Maybe its what’s left of their human souls or just their souls in general. Any ideas?

  • sayWHATTTTTTTT said:

    why did it have to end so early???!!!! I want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i guess i’ll just read the manga………

  • ahmed said:

    this episode was so amazing

  • InfinitySwag said:

    Loved the anime from start to finish. I really hope it does get a season 2 due to what had been said after the battle.

  • creepypasta anime said:

    man, what an anime. too bad its over.

  • K-Legz said:

    Really enjoyed this one. Glad it ended like it did. Wish there was more.

  • djmidori said:

    time to switch over to the manga version

  • Artorias said:

    The anime is just sooooo different from the manga.. if you guys want to read it you might have to just pick it up at the beginning because of how different it is.

  • Sakata Gin said:

    my favorite anime of the season just ended FML

  • mink said:

    end is ok if u didn’t read manga . but i recommend manga storyline is better.

  • Akittzu said:

    I want Badass Yato :,c . But nice ending

  • Romae Filium said:

    Well the show was decent.i wouldnt mind a second season though.

  • Ai-chan said:

    KAWAIIIIIIII *^* This was epic!!!!! AND OF COURSE IT WAS SOOOOOO KAWAIIII AT THE END <3 Theu should make a second season!!!! I want to see more battles, more HiyorixYato, more everything!!!! It'd be interesting if Yato got another regalia to be paired up with Yukine~

  • Lori said:

    well I really wish this will have a season 2!!!Nice story plot.

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