One Piece Episode 619

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  • Meatball said:

    Hooray for HD and new opening that should have been here many episodes ago!

  • Haribal said:

    One Piece in HD??? Woaw, thank you !

  • contest said:

    Beginning of this episode:

    Baby 5: ….Stares….
    Franky: ….Stares….
    Baby 5: ….Stares….
    Franky: ….Stares….
    Baby 5: ….Stares….
    Franky: ….Stares….
    Buffalo: …Stares….
    Franky: ….Stares….
    Baby 5: ….Stares….
    Franky: ….Stares….
    Baby 5: ….Stares….
    Franky: ….Stares….
    Baby 5: ….Stares….
    Franky: ….Wakes up O_O

  • Avrai said:

    Invicible franky… thats the title of the episode… dude he had like 2 minutes, how the fck can I witness his awesomeness in this short time?! And Joker’s goin to get his butt kicked by Luffy, I’m sure he wont let it slide, sacrificing comrades.. “I need you to perish” dafuq? And they like him?!

  • FaramirRat said:

    Well you could argue that Luffy is still immature. He already almost got himself and his crew killed on this island. In the real world sacrifices are made to become the top dog, and joker knows this. To become king of the pirates sacrifices will have to be made, any of luffy’s crew would sacrifice themselves for him, maybe he can prevent that and change how things work, we will see.

  • roy said:

    i agree faramirRat it would be realy good it will bring some drama to this show some deep shizz :) i wouldn’t mind seeing someone die from his crew in a epic fasion it will also make luffy stronger and more mature that they know death is always close. But also for entertainment. Other anime use this realy well and i think it would inproof this show. like the time when his brother died was realy sad but at the same time realy epic.

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