This is the Japanese release time in alphabetical order (UTC/GMT +9 hours). English subbed versions come out 1-3 days after, depending on the fansub group.









  • Anime Shop said:

    This is the greatest ^_^

  • Mira said:

    where the heck is one piece?

  • Penfold said:

    yeah thats what i came here looking for :(

    the site i usually watch it on is having some problems :S

  • SuxMahWafflez said:

    One piece isn’t an ongoing anime one peice would be in the complete list area

  • nur said:

    ang ganda

  • nur said:

    matagal pa ang episode 8 ng kaichou wa maid sama??

  • konohamaru said:

    @ SuxMahWafflez
    one piece is ongoing,not complete, so it should be in “ongoing anime”

  • nick said:

    what is the name of the series that the guy at the top of the site is in, hes standing between naruto and ichigo

  • chuy said:

    dat’s natsu from the anime series fairy tale

  • GTFO said:

    Where the hell is Highschool of the Dead? >O

  • dude said:

    missing: Kuroshutsuji 2; High School of the Dead; Ookami-san…etcetera; well, and many other series, but, whatever

  • ltmedic said:

    One piece is funimation and their copyright is stopping us from putting it up. but we will have one piece soon :D

  • H.O.T.D FAN!!! said:

    Cant wait for Highschool of the dead to be realease… One of my favourite and also Sekirei-Pure Engament!!

  • Faisal said:

    مشكووور اخوي على المجهود الرائع الي تبذله في تزويدنا بكل جديد لكل حلقات الانمي
    الف شكر اخي

    thanks bro for your effort ^_^

  • Gene said:

    i just found this website and i have to say it’s GREAT ^.^
    but i have one question
    are Vampire Knight and Pandora Hearts going to make more episodes or not because they end verry open…
    thanks ^.^

  • sab dude said:

    love one piece and naruto also bleach!!!!!!!! how long is it going to take for one piece makers to run out of idears?

  • barabasta said:

    ..where’s the catshit one dude? did they took it out?

  • Cookie Monster said:


  • ABLEACHFAN said:

    i love BLEACH!;) :3

  • Berry said:

    Bleach & Katekyo Hitman Reborn!! <3

  • chickshunter said:

    is giant killing still an ongoing anime or its already finish?its been 3weeks n still nothing……….

  • chickshunter said:

    even katekyo hitman reborn stop,norarihyon no mago is always late even fairy tail wooooooooooowwwwwww……….

  • ronnel said:

    why the episode 13 of high school dead was not published in the past weeks. Please update the episode 13, i so excited to what gonna happpen in this episode.

  • Novasan said:

    Where’s Togainu no Chi? D:

  • sonix14 said:

    please make new episode hitman reborn….and dont flash back the episode of naruto…its not cool…you know…!!!

  • sab dude said:

    does any one know what happens at the end of one piece??? :O

  • ABLEACHFAN said:


  • zoldat said:


    •Arakawa under the Bridge x Bridge
    •Heartcatch Precure!
    •Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri
    •Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls
    •One Piece
    •Psychic Detective Yakumo
    •Star Driver

    anybody wanted to know when one piece was on? :)
    sunday folks

  • jungsion said:

    if you have any suggestions make an account and come join us in forums

  • dark_chan74 said:

    Why! Why isn’t khr having more episodes! TT^TT

  • AromaLadyAlicia said:

    were is Yumeiro Patissiere professional…

  • yknow said:

    Psychic Detective Yakumo such a good series :DDDDDDDDD

  • i like kaichou wa maid sama said:

    i wish that kaichou wa maid sama will be part of ongoing series
    because i like that anime so plz can u……T_T

  • RipShred said:


  • Redlinks said:

    RipShred: Check the complete series list. The series ended not too long ago.

  • HUMAN said:

    High school of the dead have only 12 episode, not ongoing, and it release LONG AGO, i mean LAST YEAR.
    But the OVA will release on april.
    The world god only knows is finish airing LAST YEAR, season 2 will be release on april.(HAQUA! YAAAAY)
    KHR have only 203 episodes, not enough money to make more?
    and one-piece is hell long

  • Jjlanime said:

    Can’t wait for the new animes to be aired and subbed :D

  • dam507 said:

    one piece comes out on saturday

  • fatalmaster said:

    Why don’t they mention Beelzebub :(

  • FosterSteele said:

    @ sab dude One Peice recently hit the two year time skip in the manga a few months back, you can expect it to last for many more years, Im thinking this might be the longest manga/anime that will ever be created

  • ZoDiAc PeRsOn said:

    hey does anyone know about a good ongoing anime i can watch?????

  • fatalmaster said:

    yumekui merry
    fairy tail
    wolverine (only for the music in openings and endings :p)

  • Rafis said:

    Were is Beelzebub?, lol they forget the best series

  • ZoDiAc PeRsOn said:

    thanks….. I <3 ANIME!!!

  • Narblepiece said:

    One piece Naruto and Bleach best animes in the world <3

  • LOL said:

    i agree!!!

  • bugglebot said:

    one piece, naruto, bleach the awesomest animes ever known to man.

  • LOL said:

    well, of course they are!! i also like blood+…..

  • 3ayooosha-.- said:

    why is jewel pet tinkle episodes are not subbed???!!!! :(

  • mcppantz said:

    ya cant forget hitman reborn and fairy tail in ya list of awesomest animes

  • Noname said:

    How many episodes Inazuma eleven has?

  • Miss.Jackknife said:

    who is that white haired girl with the pink eyes inside the ongoing box??

  • Jim Halpert said:

    This site is awesome much better than all the other sites i’ve seen. To the staff of this godlike site, keep up the good work!

  • giselle said:

    hi naruto rock’s :)

  • Hibini.... said:


  • Crowned Clown said:

    Will the distaters in japan effect release dates/times???

  • JordanD said:

    I am well looking forward to Freezing nice list thanks been wondering when the next episode comes out.

  • anon said:

    So many Big Three fans here. I’m bleeding out the ears at your comments. “Oh, I love Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece! They’re so creative! They’re so DEEP! I don’t think any other manga/anime in the world can compare to three identical shounen with overblown plots that should have ended years ago!” Seriously, guys. Try watching something that isn’t served to you on a platter.

  • Who said:


  • Sad Asian said:

    Hope They Have Ifinite Stratos Episode 13

  • Shao said:

    This needs to be updated badly.

  • Ancalon said:

    Yeah. They must update this page. Cause new animes have arrived like Tiger & Bunny and Bakugan. And new animes that are shown on home page and are in comming up box dosent get moved to Recently updated. I wonder what have happend to them! :O

  • punch said:

    anyone know if there are going to be more episodes of Starry sky? :(

  • magister?! said:

    i can’t wait for oreimo 14…

  • Hikaru said:

    Hey people that say “One Piece should be in the completed list”…U R WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! One Piece is still going on to this day. So go learn your anime facts!!!! (or maybe I am just an anime freak T_T!)

  • NineTailed9 said:

    ONE PIECE IS AN ONGOING SHOW!!! stop saying its stopped and stuff……….. -.-

  • kitarou said:

    i absoutly LOVE Fairy Tail! i wonder when the new episode will come out? if anyone loves Fairy Tail as much as i do please chat to me anytime! as long as you chat to me after school :3

  • kitarou said:


  • shadow54 said:

    Elfen Lied is a completed anime with only 13 episodes. The reason it is complete is because all the episodes are in English Sub and Dub and also it was made years ago.

  • NarutoNut said:

    is hidan no aria the same as aria the scarlette ammo and also hasnt freezing ended

  • Jungsion said:

    update time

  • Faelden said:

    Why is that several anime that aren’t on the list?!

  • Faelden said:

    Freezing indeed ended, i don’t know if it’s going to have a second season but at least the first season is over, i really don’t understand why is still there.

    PS: Sorry for the error in my previous comment, I just noticed after sending it and i couldn’t do anything.

  • Reavan said:

    Love the website exspecially this page. but plz dont forget to update Ongoing page on sundays with the release of Ao no Exorcist every week

  • Charlie said:

    @All you people wondering when the One Piece episodes come out, It’s on saturday under nichijou :)

  • Hibiki!~ said:

    Um…..just asking but is there going to be anymore Hetalia World Series???

  • Reavan said:

    Give it up for the USA!! Bin Landen is DEAD

  • Hibiki!~ said:


  • Jonnydread said:

    You are missing Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai, AKA “The world only god knows” season 2. I understand you have it here, just not on the ongoning list. Plz update

  • Redlinks said:

    This list is really outdated. Madoka Majica has ended as well as Inuzama Eleven. The list is still missing a bunch of series from the Spring season…

  • Hibiki!~ said:

    DID HETALIA STOP??? If not why are there no more episodes airing????

  • max said:

    deadmen wonderland is missing! xd

  • Bonta-kun said:

    Where is Ao no Exozist…

  • Hibiki!~ said:

    DID HETALIA STOP??? If not why are there no more episodes airing???? PLEASE TELL ME IT DIDN’T!!!!

  • K.H.R said:

    katekyo is number one!!
    but WHY THERE IS NO KHR ITS STIll ongoing right??

  • High School Of The Dead said:

    Hey guys i have 1 guestion!! Seikon no Qwaser II he had 12 episode ?? Please tell me !:) Thanks

  • freezing said:

    is there another anime like Freezing? (by that i mean is there another with sword and stuff and includes the part nudity)

  • freezing said:

    plz keep the freezing anime unloaded they are REALLY good ^.^

  • Jez90th said:

    Awesome site! thanks for being here to fill my addictive of anime! ;D

  • Hibiki!~ said:

    KHR is completed……..

  • liyann said:

    why no black rock shooter

  • leengarD ustaN said:

    One Piece, Naruto and Bleach are highranking anime but dont forgot about Fairy Tail.

  • Alex said:

    Where is Ao No Exorcist? I thought it was ongoing anime..

  • awwesommeness said:

    Hey, were the hell is ao no exocist!!!! I just started watching that, its freking awesome show,and its not even up there. What the hell?

  • Dude said:

    Hi Guys,

    Could you name the characters you’ve used in your quick menu pics? There are 4 of them.

    thanks in advance :)

  • Exto said:

    Your ONGOING list needs some updating. Ao No Exorcist and Toriko… Two great anime that recently started up are missing from the list.

  • Ghost said:

    wheres ao no exorcist?

  • Minnie said:

    Wherz Hidan no Aria?!?!

  • Frix.x said:

    Were is Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi?

  • Ancalon said:

    Wow… i never knew Fairy Tail would be that famous to face One Piece, Bleach and Naruto <.<

  • Kitty Kat said:

    Fairy Tail deserves to be bigger than the whole page!
    Just saying c:

  • Kitty Kat said:

    PS. I’m better than all of you!
    Just saying c:

  • rawrrawr45 said:

    this list is so gdlk :3

  • Mars said:

    Hoshizora e kakaru hashi finished

  • Nobody said:

    @freezing if you searching that kind of anime try watch this:

    Zero no tsukaima (even though it’s from 2008)

    Kanakon (no sword or Anyting like that but the nudity things is..)

    Prism ark (old but have your requirement)

    To love ru (no sword but very nude)

    Asobi no ikuyo (no sword but nude)

    School days (if you like gore…)

  • Tank said:

    To those people wondering where hidan no aria and hoshizora, they finished.

  • wasabi said:

    My new addiction is now Uta no Prince-sama – Maji Love 1000%!! I have a feeling that the love triangles r going to be intense!

  • angel said:

    more UTA NO PRINCE-SAMA episode please…

  • Nine-Tailed9 said:

    If anyone wonders about Katekyo Hitman Reborn il tell you!!
    Its still ongoing!! well…. just the manga!! when the manga has gotten a while ahead they will start making the anime again :3

    Oh and….. WHY ARNT THERE NO MORE EPISODES OF (A BRIDGE TO THE STARRY SKIES)???? D: its one heck of a epic show!!

  • Kitty Kat said:

    You people have no sense for good anime. That Prince-samma…or whatever it was was one of the worst anime I had ever seen![btw, it was so bad I didn't even remember the name of it!]
    Just Saying c:

  • Kitty Kat said:

    Everyone who disrespects Fairy Tail will be shunned!

  • Kitty Kat said:

    PS. Just Saying c:

  • ayumi said:

    hellO!this anime list where did you get it??!! i love anime !! i want to know if this all naime is already in TV!!cause i want to watch it !-D

  • Detor723 said:

    Fairy tail is the best
    and ao no excorcist aint bad too

  • Sendushi said:

    some1 know something about Highschool of the Dead season 2?;(

    plz contact me by email:

  • ayumi said:

    this time are original time???

  • Kitty Kat said:

    FAIRY TAIL RULES! Disrespect will not be tolerated!

  • Evernest said:

    Actually there’s a HOTD OAV, but no sign of a season 2.
    As for KHR, well normaly, it should have started after the end of Bakuman’s diffusion.If you sound positive, maybe they think it’ll be better to wait the autumn for the release.

    And Kitty Kat, good sense for “good animes” is kinda childish. You should try to grow up and start thinking that not anyone has the same taste as you.

  • fan said:

    why highschool of dead episode 13 is not upload yet Fan want to know the reason

  • Nine-Tailed9 said:

    Evernest, they want to let the manga of KHR get alot ahead before they start to make the new episodes. I dont know when they will but maybe after the arc that is going on in the manga or something like that!

  • kipin said:

    how about sora no otoshimono – tokei jikake no angeloid ?? TT

  • smaggaface said:

    top 3 anime series:
    1. naruto
    2. death note
    3. one piece

    tell me your top 3 anime series ;D

  • papa bako said:

    3.shin chan

    wats your top 3 anime

  • ItsukaTenma said:

    Can i ask where is today’s submission ??

  • anime fan said:

    i think one piece is going to end and theres going to be a new season
    ( I Think Remember)

  • Kira said:

    I want more Freezing :(

  • David said:

    Hey guys, When will you update the new season ? I realy want to know.. thanks

  • Josh said:

    what the heck happened to

  • billy said:

    1. Naruto

  • Ron said:

    1.) One Piece
    2.) Naruto
    3.) Bleach
    3.) Blue Exorcist
    4.) Fairy Tail
    5.) Nura

  • Kaede Itsuki said:

    Where is Bakuman.?

  • mark emo said:

    where is high school of the dead its gone missing

  • Legalize89 said:

    Sunday One Piece 9:30 am

    There you go :P

  • Legalize89 said:

    1. Deathnote
    2. Bleach
    3. Elfenlied
    4. Blood+
    5. Claymore

    that is my top 5 :)

    i personally dont like Naruto. ( no disrespect to people who do )
    i think its kinda… crap…

    But i am sure there are others that dont agree :)

  • roux said:

    top5: 1-One Piece
    2-Fairy Tail

  • derper said:

    @nick if u know who ichigo is how do u not know who ULQUIRRIA is… excuse me if i misspelled… whom is also a character from bleach… he’s an arancar…

  • I-have-a-BIG-butt-LOL said:


  • yuvi said:

    My Top 5:

    1) One Piece
    2) Naruto
    3) Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    4) Dragonball Z
    5) Bleach

  • Geraldine said:

    i cant wait for new episodes of the anime i liked :D

  • I said:

    Bleach = Awesomeness

  • Black movies said:

    It is truly a nice and helpful piece of info. I?m satisfied that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  • David said:

    Anyone knows anything about Another? its not on the list but its supposed to start aring today

  • wolf116 said:

    well seems you guys have the new shows I’ve been watching witch is a good thing for me as it seems most of the other sites I go to are being taken down , went on google to find another anime site and the watch for free site page is half a page long now (it was 20 pages) so you might be seeing a few more newcomers looking for a new home , but I miss my friends from the chat and seems folks here are not vary friendly to newbi’s oh well at least I can keep up with my shows , well till they take this one down as well hope you guys stay up through the shit I’d hate to loose the right to watch anime its kind of my main hobby these days , nice site though so I’ll be back , thanks for being here

  • bob dylan said:

    fairy tail and shana ftw!

  • Antikythera Mecha said:


  • vdaidouji said:

    i want to watch the episode 5 (English dubbed) of “Another”
    ^^ thanks~♥

  • shugocharalover said:

    please can you make another season of shugo chara i beg you please>…

  • Antikythera Mecha said:

    Yeaaaah , Finally some new stuff

  • mei said:


  • WrittenInTheStars said:

    Where I can found Highschool DxD 8th episode?

  • kalachuchy said:

    press crtl+f then type the title of the anime so you dont have to look a it manualy …

  • justgreat. said:

    mind adding Zero no Tsukaima F to the list ? =)

    it should be sub on saturday

  • BloodyRose said:

    I love anime!!!

  • ice ghost 90 said:

    Mirai nikki!!!!!!!

  • chaos231 said:

    i love guilty crown!

  • migzman said:

    were is sora no otoshimono aka heaven’s lost property the movie at

    ive been waiting for that to come out but i can not find it anywhere at all!!!!

  • Ancalon said:

    Seriously.. THIS NEEDS UPDATE! Bakugan have ended weeks ago FOREVER and new animes like Another need to be placed here! >:(

  • ?????? said:

    is anyone actually looking at the list? one piece is on there in the Sunday section, I didn’t need to see this list because I have been keeping up with at least five off these anime’s. As of the time i posted this comment there is about 538 episode’s of one piece out and it is a Friday so episode 539 should be coming out the day after tomorrow in japan and depending on the reliability of the sub-er , it should be out subbed the same or next day. Another is also on the list in the Tuesday section. the anime’s on this list that i am currently keeping up with are:
    One Piece (+ manga)
    Phi Brain: Kami no puzzle
    Mirai Nikki (Even though i read the manga cause I got worried it was gonna leave me hanging)
    Fairy Tail (+manga)
    Inu X Boku SS
    Yugioh ZeXal

    Also can anybody tell me if there are any more good anime’s I can explore while I wait for these ones( NO HENTAI )? My interests are in anime’s that make you fall in love with the main character but not in the romantic way cause i don’t like romance,but more like you admire them and wanna be them type of way, and it has to be cool and other interest I have are in demons and the underworld and stuff like that, and uncontrollable second personalities, or something along those lines (I have already watched Inuyasha and Disgaea and most of devil may cry), i don’t like confusion, i like it to be difficult but not to difficult to understand, I like puzzles and strategy games, i have watched most of yugioh gx and most of yugioh and most of yugioh 5d’s, I also like mystery but not in the crime scene investigation way(its fine in real life TV but not in anime)i want an anime that when it ends it gives you this felling that you cant shake that is kinda like disappointment but it is more like total satisfaction. Im asking for help because I am picky and have a family that is bothering me not to go on the computer and if i’m not doing anything that i should be doing work. Please help me find an anime I will never forget

  • ?????? said:

    What I meant when I put( NO HENTAI )was that I don’t like ecchi stuff so i don’t want any of it recommended. just wanted to be clear i’m not a pervert -.-’ (it sounded like that after i posted it, when I re-read it)

  • Anon said:

    Try Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (To the guy above me) It’s pretty twisted with split personalities and all that such stuff. Look it up on Wikipedia for the Plot.

  • Random Crunchyroller said:

    to ????? if u like demons and stuff of super natural powers, go check out beelzebub, u should like it, or maybe reborn

  • NatsuDragneel said:

    Where’s the complete series of the old series called Prince of Tennis? Also, when’s the next episode of Fairy Tail coming out?

  • ExposedNinja said:

    Ummmm…where’d Inu x Boku SS go? It disappeared from the list?

  • Nocturnal said:

    to ?????? if you are to demon animes i reccomend demon lord dante really great series i think you will like

  • Xaralabos13 said:

    :( well even so this is the best site to watch the ongoing anime i am sad becose i dont see seasons 2 of freezing and highschool DxD. when they release them i WILL be happy

  • J@cK said:

    OMG where is high school DXD

  • Abdi said:

    You can watch one peice on hulu

  • dsf said:

    it finshed

  • lol said:


  • BloodEdge said:

    Dont anyone of you watch fairy tail? That shows DA SHIZZ!

  • p[l;lmkl said:

    does anyone know any soccer anime i can watch

  • lalalu said:

    aarea no kishi and olive et tom ;)

  • Jiru said:

    My everyday “Otaku Schedule”.<3

  • Arvin216 said:

    the series that i watch are:
    yugioh zexal and inazuma eleven

  • raditya said:

    goood .,., ilike anime kuroko no basuke ., .,coooll

  • DarkFusi3N said:

    HEy Guys…….why is Mirai Nikki still in ongoing? … is finished…..the ending was terrible, not like in the manga…>___>

  • Lupi said:


  • Xaralabos13 said:

    any1 know when holy knight is going to start? the first episode has already been released but a few weeks have pass since then

  • Junior said:

    ahhhm!!! accel is nce..teheh..the Mr. Pig one that turns to a knight..:D)

  • Best said:

    Best anime site ever!

  • Anime said:


  • Roux said:

    Sket Dance is missing!

  • TheSlayer said:


    Gakkatsu 2:00 am
    Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead 1:00 am
    Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna 1:29 am
    Medaka Box 1:50 am
    Naruto Shippuuden 7:30 pm
    Shirokuma Cafe 5:30 pm
    Sket Dance 6:00 pm here you go there is sket dance.

  • TheSlayer said:

    by the way accel world is a great anime i recommend it to everyone

  • Bayumu said:

    hey, does kore wa zombie desuka? of the dead(season 2) will continue?

  • Trolley said:

    i heard that episode 11 will be an OVA but it has the possibility to be published normal

  • ichigo said:

    bleach officially ended right and im asking because im not sure and i know the manga carrys on

  • Antikythera Mecha said:

    they changed the timings of Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai from friday to tuesday D:

  • Trolls said:

    One Piecpe is on the Sunday list e.e you guys are blind

  • Sosen42 said:

    i dont see accel world

  • Bean said:

    WTF I DONT LIKE THE BACKGROUND WHITE!!!!! it was better b4 when it was black or dark

  • suckymesucky said:

    SOA forever!!!!!!!!

  • sourpatch said:

    Hiiro no Kakera Dai Ni Shou??? :[

  • treety said:

    Well the fansubbers must be busy they have lives to and it is a little angering that the animes aren’t subbed right away but I’m hoping that they pick up the speed and that every one on there staff is okay

  • Moridin said:

    to those critizing others for asking where one piece is, if you look closer those posts were from 2010 so maby it was down for a while

  • Cookies said:

    thats funny cuz on this other anime site i watch on, they upload the anime before any other sites do. for example: fairy tail comes out friday, one piece comes out saturday etc.

  • syronn said:

    i just wan sword art episode to be added it was fun to watch…^_^

  • joy said:

    plis keep pokemon latest season in the free download section plis

  • Tomoharu said:


  • tommy said:

    first in 2013!

  • Jason said:

    Where is Naruto Shippuden? did they stop uploading the episodes???

  • mikky said:

    is it gong to be nice?

  • jybird78 said:

    what happen to Naruto Shippuden? the whole series is missing? it was here last week but this week it’s completely gone from the site? it’s not listed under movies, ongoing series, and anime list? and if you click on the link of Naruto Shippuuden under most popular on the bottom of this site, it doesn’t really go anywhere. it just says to try a different link?

  • anime loves said:

    When Bleach will continue in anime series? Someone please tell me. I just read the manga….huh…..huh…it’s so boring..Also the KHR.

  • Axel said:

    naruto and one piece don’t just magically disapper, tell us at least the reason please…

  • That guy said:

    Naruto was a shadow clone
    One piece ate the invisible fruit

  • Morridin said:

    one piece & naruto are down indefinitly, bleach has ended

  • narutofanatic said:

    What happened to all the naruto shippuden? did anime avenue get rid of all of it?

  • Zeeker said:

    one piece, naruto and fairy tail…. i cant find any of them here on anime avenue? why is that?

  • Julie said:

    Hetalia didn’t stop, but somewhy it isn’t up there…

  • mikky said:

    hello!can chat with me?if yes then tell me what is the time in your country today!and the day.thank you

  • Finisher said:

    One piece is ongoing and all the latest episodes are here, don’t know why it isn’t on this lise though.. It’s at the bottom of the page though with naruto under most popular

  • Kilz said:

    “SuxMahWafflez said:
    One piece isn’t an ongoing anime one peice would be in the complete list area”

    OP is no where no where near the complete list and so is Naruto

  • LOLcompare? said:

    LOL ONEPUNCH!!! no ANIME!!! dammm

  • comment-287 said:

    Hi are using WordPress for your site platform? I’m new to the blog world but
    I’m trying to get started and create my own. Do you need any html coding expertise to
    make your own blog? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • HAIIII said:

    IS it possible to rearrange comments so that the latest ones are on top? I just love reading comments and it helps me figure out which anime’s best for the season. PLUS, it’s probably going to discourage the “amazing” first comment spammers.

  • HD said:

    AA forum got hacked by an indonesian group called wonogiri cyber team. But im guessing everyone already know that.

    cant be helped since its on another server:/

  • toffee said:

    The link of “Samurai framenco” and “strike the blood” are wrong.

  • HD said:

    When will AA upload Texhnolyze?

  • HD said:

    The html header says ”ongoing anime series for summer 2012”

    I think it would look better if it said 2013. But it’s just a suggestion, if it’s not possible, then it’s ok.

  • HD said:

    gurashi no Arietti?

  • otaku said:

    What happened to diabolik lovers?????????

  • PuppyNomNomKing said:

    What happened to this site? It used to be so great, then it seems like either the staff got bored and just do minimal work on it, Or the site was sold to another group of people, I mean, half the time a stream is at the bottom of the main page, Half the time playing CoD or something, Seriously, Why is Black ops 2 on an anime site?

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