Oreimo 2 Episode 14

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  • Anami said:

    kyousuke is a boss

  • Verfall said:


  • Troll said:

    lol what???

  • KingSingPing said:


  • joseph said:

    it was a cool series until they screw it up this bad

  • JASON said:

    i hate Kirino so much, what a biiiiii… one of the crappiest tsundere’s i’ve ever seen. she never fully expresses her love to kyousuke, motha pucka. FFFFFFFFFFFFFKKKKKKKK

  • Maiku said:

    This story is just pathetic.

    For anyone who is interested, this is EXACTLY how it was in the novel. So even if the anime creator wanted to change that, some fans would yell “why did you change that?!”, though everyone agrees that what is going on here is just plain pathetic.

  • declinefan said:

    …Dammit. She said yes

  • Karyuuno said:

    Aaaaand thats the moment Kyouske died for me

  • Avrai said:

    Kirino ending: shit that was embarrassing to watch

  • Darketsu said:

    I am so confused right now. Was not expecting that at all.

  • loremasterz said:

    Mind blown!

  • taco said:

    holy shit

  • Angelo said:

    I suppose I was happy with this. But I shipped Kuroneko and Kyosuke so much, to me it just seemed they were a better couple.

  • Rail-kun said:

    Poor kuroneko

  • yutto said:

    Absurd , pathetic ..

  • zero said:

    it like this would come up some time, but still i find this route really…. ehhh.

    but still at least its happy one, well sort of.

  • kengji said:

    Its true Kyouske is pathetic but he has the gut to confessed his feelings for kirino embarassedly in a crowd. If u couldnt do that then No need to get jealous of him for winning a girl’s heart. :D thumb up for his confession.

  • Lil Bee said:

    There was so much potential and then ruined it all

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