Oreimo 2 Episode 16

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  • Anami said:

    i love this so much lol

  • KingSingPing said:


  • Verfall said:

    dat shit cray

  • UnknownFate said:

    These lines sound so familiar…. one i can touch on is Minami lecturing them, sounds like its from DaCapo 1, and the clubroom, looks so much like genshiken, give it a sick continuation like he the ghostly president and i wouldnt be surprised.

  • Zarozian said:

    This is an ending I am okay with….kind of :(

  • Al said:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA !!!! XD oh how cute… that “we” cant get married huh? that we cant stay together huh? oh people you have no fuggin idea, man. IT IS POSSIBLE. EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS POSSIBLE IF YOU TRY AND IF YOU FIGHT!. sorry for the caps-lock, but it is, I gotta confess (and what a way to do it lol) that im in the same situation but SHE is not my sister but indeed a relative, we can say that like “a little sister”. does she know? did i tell her? … hell I DID! :D why? are insane? are you (insert adjective here)? no well maybe not, not that much, her answer? “me too”.

    fuel in veins.

    Now what is left is just one single little thing… the “fun” part, called LIFE !

    If you have a dream no matter what it is YOU CAN DO IT, of course one step at the time but when you get it EVERYTHING IS WORTH IT!


    Find what you love and let it kill you.

  • Otaku said:

    Man… i really want a season3 but it’s obvious this is where it ends… A good anime, that i’ll be sure to re-watch every once in a while. Still can’t belive it’s over… Guess i’ll never forget it sincd i have each op and ed from both seasons on itunes… Just makes me cry a little each time i listen to Irony… really… a great anime

  • Maiku said:

    Oh GOD.
    Worst ending EVER.

  • JASON said:

    kyousuke are you ****ing kidding me, WWTFF!EwMFOGNGDSQAPIFRNBZA94EWQH2INFRWSP

  • Seri said:

    WTF THE END ?!

  • SlashEX said:

    This anime made me feel so many complex feelings….
    It was really good!

  • Farlis said:

    It was a decent ending but I was hoping for the same kinda think from one of the visual novel ending when its revealed they arent related and they continue on, man how i wanted that ending :(

  • demir59 said:

    How did Kyosuke not break his spine yet? Just think it over. But I’m not sad about this ending. Not really. It’s interesting. And when he said to listen to his story, and said that he is happy if it made us smile at least one… Well mister. You got my respect. It didn’t just make me cry. It made smile. It made me cry. It made me happy, it made me sad. It was interesting, and now that it ended, I just want to cry. Goodbye you beautiful piece of art! I salute you!

  • SJ7 said:

    Such an amazing thing was bestowed upon us mere humans, and now it’s gone. Oreimo forever…

  • Seriously? said:

    I don’t know what to think of this….Honestly the ending feels somewhat wishy washy since they never showed the full impact of their relationship.

    Plus the author developed a lot of the the other heroines so it feels kind of crappy to see how each and everyone of them gets shot down by Kyousuke’s “I love my sister” yell. It feels like he takes their feelings and makes a joke of it by doing that yell….

  • erick said:

    Rushed true ending, it’s also not like the one in the game where they really end up getting married with the full support of the parents. The conclusion was good, just avoiding that pure incest(like Yusoga no Sora).
    Though I hated what they did with Ayase, Kanako, Saori, Kuroneko, and Manami, which impaled 12inch nails in my heart, I found myself cheering for Kyouseke along his fight. I kind of understand why the other heroines where developed quite a bit in the 2nd season. It’s so that they provide as good obstacles for Kyouseke, not only attacking his mind and body, but a critical hit on his heart because they where all close to him, not to mention that they where top class girls. Both Kirino and Kyouske did what Kuroneko did, It was just to satisfy they romantic interest( I can see the Dojins about this scene now), but they broke up just so that they wont end up being outcasts in society.
    But got to give credit to Kyouseke’s determination, not giving up after all those other girls start confessing. In addition, that ending line Kyouseke said was pretty original and cool.

    In my opinion, episode 14-16 was good, rushed but good. I was able to give an aura of what the drama in these situations should be. It almost made me cry. It just needed more development, probably and episode for each heroine in this arc alone. This should full flesh out the heroine background, increase the drama, and give enough time to for a perfect ending.

    Well, I’m really feeling that the 2 seasons + OVAs are lacking so…I invite anyone who feels the same way to play the 2 visual novels for the PSP. There are imulators online so you can play it if you don’t have a PSP, and there is also a user on Youtube named “Dizzy Ziddy” who is working on an english patch for the game, but they do have translated gameplay footage uploaded already. The first part of the game is the road for Kyouseke to become a couple with the heroine and the 2nd part is the after story.

  • Stefan said:

    For a moment I thought they were going to go threw with it, and that season 3 would involve little retarded babies, only kidding :p

  • Spaam said:

    This episode is an excellent showcase of the series’ ability to create well defined character.

    I’m so inured to Manami being a calm and collected bundle of optimism and soft spokenness that her well displayed anger in the episode is genuinely unsettling. The fight portion was especially intense. Those facial expressions, the immersive details, and that voice acting!

    The only thing that marred the scene was the small comedic moments, which took away some of the intensity, but overall, it was real good. Hell, I thought the anime did the scene even better than the light novel did, which is a rare thing, indeed.

    Meh, it makes me that much more disappointed with the final ending. Kyousuke went through so much, gave up so much, and all just for that? Frankly, I was and still am a Kuroneko/Kyousuke supporter, but I would have been happy with Kirino/Kyousuke if they had simply gone the whole way. It’s sort of as Kirino says.

    But well, I guess courting controversy is not nearly as fun for the writers as it is for me. Ah damn, I’m really going to miss this series.

  • xxxLoLxxx said:

    The felling that you get about the other girls being so developed and yet he choose kirino is something closer to real life events because in all the others it´s just like “OMG they had bigger boobs and were cuter and hotter why did you choose me” stupid unrealistic sh*t unlike this one where for example kuroneko had a fantastic personality which was what we and kyousuke liked about her.

  • yutto said:

    hmm so in the END its All Fake .. what kind of Lesson is this ..
    u hurt people that r serious and close to u .. just to complete some kind of emotional game u promised. HUH … POOR story author ..
    im disappointed

  • zero said:

    this anime was great. honestly at first, i felt a bit conflicted about the direction this anime was going, but seeing as how everything turned out realisticly, that isnt an issue anymore. i’d consider this a good ending. though i wished there was one more epi to show how things went back, how the people close felt about it ,and treated him afterward.

    note: if i said somthing rude, or stupid, im sorry.

  • SettonSan said:

    Ya got to hand it to the producers, script writters, and potential manga writters for this series. This was one of those jewels that comes only once a decade. Thankyou and goodbye oreimo.

    To those above, AI, erick, and spaam,thankyou for your heartfelt feeling for the show and soft spoken words.

    Im sure all of us will buy this series when i comes to the shelfs/web and support those who made it happen,

    So like how Tom from Toonami said his goodbyes so long ago…

    Stay gold…Bang.
    from Setton-san of Gig harbor Washington!

  • lucas said:

    it great ending it made me cry i know some of you say it bad but it not. i am so happy this an happy ending for both of them the reason for this story is even if the odds of life even if everone in the world hate you for it you stiil have to fight for what you believe in even if it love with a sibling even if it stupid so i say best ending ever love is wierd but it something you only feel for one

  • fckyouhaters said:

    fcking awesome ending!! :D

  • mnz said:

    I would like to say that the ending was amazing but I sort of had my hopes that they would make another episode to see what happens after and would show who the new girl is in their circle. Also did you guys notice that the wounds caused in the fight by Manami and Kirino were instantly healed. WTF

  • TheYellingMute said:

    wait what?

    so after all that…they just go back to normal. if that was the case he didnt even need to turn down all the girls if everything would go to “normal”. This is probably the most disappointing ending ive seen so far.

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