Oreimo 2 Episode 8

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  • ZeroShift said:

    kuroneko is amazing

  • Britishdragoons said:

    She is, but you’re not.

    Question: Why are there so stupid people like ZeroShift?

  • Zombiekrig said:


  • dragonx said:

    why do you hate the zeroshift so much dude like chill the f u c k out and in enjoy the anime

  • Heot said:


  • baka oji said:

    Britishdragoons here is your answer :
    As human population keeps growing bigger, and taking in account the abscence of any natural predator to our specie, there is no longer any factor that will erase the weak and the stupid and let only the strong and smart ones survive, ZeroShift is the example of what human decadence has given birth to, now i m not saying it should happen, but a zombie appocalypse would help getting rid of the likes of him …

  • loremasterz said:

    What the hell at the end omg?

  • Dat kuroneko said:


  • ImOmii said:

    :O OHH NOESS!!

  • 名無しな極抜きさん said:

    Break Up With Senpai?

  • Rail-kun said:

    That little sister sure know how to tease.

    But wait what the hell is that in the last part… that just sad… Was it because of Kirino?!


    They’re the best couple in this show…

    that was too fast… TOO FAST WHY!?!

  • SK said:

    I was totally right. I love my “Divine eyes”

  • Bryan said:

    Why!!!? Was this kirino’s plan all along? “Break up with senpai” ?? What the hell?? Arghhh… Can’t wait for next week.. Damn it.. They sure do know how to make us wait.. And this anime is pretty much unpredictable..

  • rodgamer said:

    hey everybody zeroshift gets paid

  • Blargh said:


  • John said:

    @Bryan I think you mean Ruri-san and the picture she showed gave us the clue that she wants him and kirino to be together

  • lou said:

    best couple ive ever seen in anime to me is about to break up…..smh

  • tkgroo said:

    ZeroShift X Britishdragoons
    best pairing

  • ...fffffffffffffff said:

    I quit.

  • ...fffffffffffffff said:

    lmao I love how ZeroShift never even does anything wrong and all you guys bite his head off XD

  • mr. dinosaur said:

    break up……………. is this kirino’s fault if it is she better die

  • Shadow said:

    baka oji and Britishdragoons are a good example of a “Snob Person” instead of “to protect the weak”, “they believe the weak shall die and the strong and smart shall survive” how barbaric…. or should i believe you two are born to be “hater” so both of you what are you?

  • Awan said:

    just ignore Zero shift… rather doing that… your only get your self tire …look how it comment it’s not even responding on what you both say’s to him at least it don’t even care…if your smart? so why bother?

  • rodgamer said:

    holy shit, some1 used my gamertag o.O kinda saw something like this coming. whenever a development outside of the main coupling happens, it is always short lived. the only exception is shuffle

  • ki said:

    What idiot came up with that ending I’m heaka pissed I loved that couple I hope this dont end up being incest

  • Seriously said:

    From the very beginning, She’s made references to Kirino and Kyousuke’s relationship…
    She even said “I love you as much as your sister does”
    Her “ultimate” goal is the picture, which showed Kirino and Kyou.
    So far what I’ve seen is that she loves him, and wanted to do everything once with him, before giving him up to her, whom she herself believes to be a good match.

    She definitely had this rushed along very quickly, clearly she -really- did intend to do something else before her sisters got back, but that was thrown off, and the mood just wouldn’t be right again any other time. She had a schedule she wanted to adhere to.

  • UzumakiTyler said:

    jaw dropper makes me wanna cry I hope she doesn’t really break up with him, that’s shitty, thanks allot to kirino for being a spoiled sport

  • Ryoji said:

    I see where this is going… its a remake of school days, right? BTW note to everyone reading this: NEVER WATCH SCHOOL DAYS!!!

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