Oreimo: True Route

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  • Megakruemel-san said:

    At least the can talk to each other over phone…

  • anime noob said:

    Can Some1 Explain what a OVA is? this was just like 1 of the episodes except the ending was a lil different? please explain.

  • Sakura-chan said:

    to all of the people who want to watch this, this anime is about incest there I summarized it.

  • Ferni said:

    For those who are lost: It’s a four episode arc that follows the True Ending. The original episode 12 was for the Good Ending. the ovas are the true end of the novels and the one that was shown in episode 12 was alternative end in which she’s staying with Kyousuke.

  • Mareepbeep said:

    I prefer this ending more than the first one they showed. Still open though, wonder what will happen.

  • iPyronic said:

    Oreimo isn’t about incest D= Sure there’s some stuff about that, but the show itself isn’t o.O

    A show that’s REALLY about incest is KissXsis O.O

  • Cobra (author) said:


    Not really in KissXsis, the guy and the 2 girls r not blood related

  • iPyronic said:

    Meh, I know they’re not. But the way I see it is that they aren’t said to be blood related because then it would be promoting incest, and that might hurt sales~

    It’s like a loophole, they’re not blood related, so that somehow makes society view it as being okay o.O

    Either way, they ARE brother and sisters, even if not by blood…
    In my opinion, that qualifies as being incest~

  • Warren said:


  • Some guy said:

    Ah i see, this isn’t really an OVA but this is the ‘True Route’ that carries on to Ep13,14,15

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