Pokemon Best Wishes! Episode 1

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  • Kyle said:

    Lmfao at these subs

  • wow lol said:

    whats with the funny ass subs lol

  • Demwatching said:

    Thanks for uploading these. :D

  • Dreamis said:

    ROFLMAO…this cant be real….? lol..and here i though “uh oh..not another f***ing pokemon addition…” but wow LOL

  • Dreamis said:

    …hey w8! y do picachu have subs?! O.o…and seriously..he should be like lvl 900000000…why did he lose to that weak sh*t O.o

  • grigio said:

    I’m just taking a guess here but i don’t think these are the actual subs

    its still funny as hell

  • Jérémie said:

    i cant stand it anymore… what some weird subs xD

  • Mihomine said:

    Best sub ever :D

  • zangetsu said:

    funny ass subs. but i think that battle was bullshit. even if pikachu became half as strong, he would be around lvl 40 or at least 30, and starters come at lvl 5, so pikachu should have owned the kid’s new starter. well at least we got to see my personal favorite 5th gen starter tear shit up lol

  • Gurasster said:

    humor sucks, leave that to the viewer plz thx

  • darf said:

    those troll subs are pretty funny, omg. but the real subs are pretty bad, the grammar is just terrible, ugh.

  • Sir Burrito said:

    These epix troll subs should be the actual translation. Hohoho. And here I was thinking it was just another season of pokemon, plus Team Rocket is badass, and they even put subs for Pikachu.

  • Dustin said:

    yeah these are clearly accurate subtitles lol

  • zzzzzzzzz said:


  • YEAH said:

    Well you please put the real sub…==
    Your so called funny subs were not funny at all.

  • Gress said:

    what the heck…. i remember pokemon bein badass…. but this is riduculus ! “i can’t wait to see the whorehouse”? LOL thumb upfor the subber xD

  • hhhhhhhhhhhh said:

    what the heck damn subbers

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