Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 17

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  • Sakana said:

    Another week of waiting…great series

  • Osprey said:

    Bah …but I dont want to wait :(

  • mecoke0 said:

    can’t wait >_____<

  • Heot said:

    Sorata life span is shortening every episode. xD

  • black said:

    Suddenly, realization hits Kanda like a truck…good luck.

  • hmmmmm said:

    Ugh, it is reaching that tough part of the plot. Unfortunately, someone is going to get hurt depending on what Sorata chooses to do. It was bound to happen soon though. Let us see how it takes place.

  • ryan said:

    it’s always worth to wait.

  • Nor said:

    its seem like Kanda is stupider than Shinna

  • SlashEX said:

    Looks like Kanda’s mind is set…
    That’s too bad… I was so cheering for Nanami, but I guess the main heroine is always chosen

  • The 1rst Dark Flame Master said:

    @hmmmmm either that or they’ll leave the “I CHOOSE YOUUU” part out of the anime which would make more people sad than happy T.T

  • Yuukimaru said:

    Shiina! Shiina!

  • bustapr said:

    lol yeah, sorata realized “damn… these 2 girls like me. Dafuq am I supposed to do?!”

    will be interesting to see who he chooses. Im hoping for Mashiro, but if he chooses Nanami, I wouldnt be mad. For Kanda to have to choose is going to suck. this is probably the best told love triangle ive seen. Make the 2 girls extremely likable and keep it mysterious so that viewers cant foresee the outcome. cant wait for next week.

  • maqui said:

    Finally a male protagonist that actually realizes that there are girls that love him. This anime is like a breath of fresh air, from the generic ultra dense male protags’…

  • Delight Threat said:



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