Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 19

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  • Sakurai said:

    we gettin a second season right?

  • Osprey said:

    First season isn’t even done yet xD

  • animelover said:

    Hurry up and get subbed please :) thank you all you great subbers :)

  • Yoroiken Sanada said:

    I can’t wait for the next episode! I love this anime!

  • ryan said:

    yaay sub. now another week to wait.. hiks hiks

  • maqui said:

    A little fact that a few might haven’t noticed yet…
    Jin loves Misaki, and Misaki loves Jin right?

    1)Then observe the 2nd ending of the anime. Pay close attention to the distance between Jin and Misaki and compare that to the distance between the distance of Jin and Akasaka when they are swaying their heads side-to-side.
    2)Then observe how Jin holds Misaki’s and Akasaka’s hand in the ending. 3)Afterwards, the final picture of the Sakurasou residents sitting on top of roof…notice how Akasaka’s head is placed on Jin’s sholders while Misaki’s is not.

    *snif* *snif* I do smell some “BOYS LOVE/YAOI” in this anime.

  • radway said:

    When the ending song starts playing I always do what they do with their heads.

  • Anonymous said:

    Wow, I just noticed that, Lol.
    Akasaka X Jin, I don’t even know.. 0_0

  • MoSteel said:

    They didn’t even sub the beginning, I hate these subbers, for the past few episodes…not even few, almost all of them, in the middle they left out subs, they’re terrible. Hope they read this.

  • PureOtaku said:

    Why the hell does it say “subbed” but it’s not subbed -__-

  • ImInEnigma said:

    Hey hey, don’t push subbers like that, they are doing such fine subs but if there was a flaw pls don’t hate them, they only want to earn your happiness not to earn your arguments
    think about how the fan subs help us understand animes around us right now.
    don’t get freak out if there was a minor flaw.

  • Aznsteel said:

    Is it just me or is the whole episode not subbed?

  • bustapr said:

    its subbed. you know it isnt extremely hard to click on different source tabs just over the video.

    this ep was meh. we already knew more or less what sakurasou was like when sorata got there. only new thing that happened was the decision to fight for sakurasou, which was already expected. was funny though.

  • Maru said:

    when did they get rid of a wasp nest???
    …did I miss an episode

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