Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 1

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  • gnas said:

    waiting for sub :)

  • Dizzypixel said:

    Not a huge fan of this drawing style but definitely going to watch it.

  • Shigure said:

    waiting for subs?its just preview of the anime.not whole episode
    I bet they will rush it so it’ll be finished in 12 episodes.they tend to do those shitty things with now a days good anime
    I would prefer more if they made Gamaran or The Breaker as anime.anyway,i hope this won’t be a disappointment like Code Breaker(manga is 1000 times better than anime)

  • Aragami said:

    @gnas anime is aired in Japan in April 7th.subs depend of the team could subbed instantly like One Piece,Naruto or it could take 3-4 days like Toriko or 1-2 weeks like Pokemon

  • poop said:

    this anime is going to be great

  • gtgtg said:

    spider pig?

  • dominic said:


  • solazora said:

    Been waiting for this. The manga is outstanding. C:

  • TaskForce141 said:

    I thought linking to other streaming anime sites is against the rules…

    Could be mistaken.

    Either ways AnimeAvenue is the best, watch it come out with HD quality subbed.

    SOON. :)

    Btw this looks like its going to be good, gonna wait for subbed HD, for a good commentary *maybe*

  • dominic said:

    HOLY ………. this is like…. i love it its almost like gantz towards the end of the manga

  • hmmmmm said:

    OMG……This is what I have been waiting for. If you like action, gore, and revenge add this to your favorites. This is one heck of an opener. :)

  • joseph said:

    just patetic why the titans most eat plp? why they are naked? it really doesnot make sense at all! it is not that bad but it could be much better than it is right now.

  • Zeal said:

    woohoo amazing

  • Mocchi said:

    This is like gantz

  • bustapr said:

    damn that ending hit me hard. tears started to swell and I even felt like I was experiencing those kids emotions at seeing what they saw. very well done first ep. I dont really like overly bloody animes, but this one seems more interesting than most animes out in the last years.

  • sneakysh0rty said:

    OH MAI GAWDDD. I had my doubts but, GDAMN. After that first episode i have high expectations. At first i thought i wasnt going to like the drawing style or the storyline. But the artistry is fine with me and my first impression (more wishful thinking) is that this will be an epic anime.

    Question to all, does this anime remind you of any other shows? And the voice actor for main character, his voice seems familiar…

  • Winnie said:


    You sir, need to learn that this is the first episode, an introduction to the whole series. There’s obviously a reason as to why they only eat humans and why does it matter if they’re naked? Everything will be explained soon, as it was explained in the manga. Things will start to make more sense later on.

  • Lyconides said:

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, @joseph first off they have no intelligence, do u really think that they would make clothes if they have no wits (-.-). Second off, if you like to eat something, wouldn’t you like to eat it again and again even though it’s not a food source and don’t forget, they have no intelligence to actually feel bad about doing it. So in my opinon, I would say the anime makes lots of sense and just want to ask would you rather seeing a huge bearded japanese man with some kinda weird clothes who supposedly “has no intelligence”.

  • Winnie said:


    Yeah, the main character’s voice actor voiced Shu from Guilty Crown, Haruyuki from Accel World, Satoru from Shin Sekai Yori, Alibaba from Magi…and a lot more :) I only put mentioned the ones you might know, but he’s pretty famous these days and won best voice actor for 2012 Japanese anime awards or something like that

  • troySuchiru said:

    damn that was tight

  • BleachFan268 said:

    This is a awsome anime can’t wait for the next episode

  • Kreed said:


    From what I can tell it’s the same guy who did the voices for Amata in Aquarion Evol and Shu in Guilty Crown.

  • King said:

    this anime is epic nice story good action +scary way of death like gantz
    and gamaran that have shit story only action. >.> code berserk manga was not bad or good but the anime is shit

  • Tinaloid said:

    I agree with everything sneakysh0rty says! I thought I wasn’t going to like the art style at all, but I ended up loving it! I am totally Psyched for the next episodes~!

    I think the voice acter for the main protagonist is the same one for Alibaba in Magi? Not too sure.

  • Chimpalump said:


    The main character VA is in a shit load of anime. It’s the VA of Alibaba from Magi.

  • Ginki said:

    badass.and its going to be more badass.*reads manga*..I hope they don’t rush and finish series and make it a long anime series

  • Heot said:

    WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW Epic anime this spring

  • Avrai said:

    oh lol, crying already in 1st ep? that was unexpected… i felt like watching some kind of drama movie not weekly anime

  • mr.afk said:

    What happened i was AFK

  • Bobosprings said:

    It would make less sense if they were fully clothed… That would mean that they are intelligent creatures, and not just mindless brutes eating people.

  • Kiro said:

    man if i saw that happend to my mom forget about living in fear those basterds goin down pft live in fear the main char is right for revenge this anime gonna be awsome kinda reminds me of akame ga kiru! both chars swear revenge man that sucks so bad for these guys cant wait to see wats next

  • TaskForce141 said:

    Hey, TaskForce141 here.

    Well… There’s too much to say *sigh*

    First of all here’s the list


    3 – Devil Survivor 2 The Animation
    5 – Photo Kano

    Shingeki No Kyojin took the first spot away from Hataraku Maou-Sama!

    First of all I’d like to mention my HIGH expectations of this anime, just from seeing episode 1.

    I believe it will be even better then SAO, why ? Because its less childish, I’m only going to finish with that, because Animes that are mature always win over the more childish looking ones.

    Although SAO was indeed epic, there were still missing somethings (to me).

    Now let’s get started.

    Opening : It was decent the music ruined it, I like the type of music that gives you a epic feeling, the opening music was not epic. At least the opening compensated for the lack of good music.

    The Story :

    Oh my god… the things that I am thinking right now, amazing.

    I mean, here’s what I’m guessing.

    Since the Titans have invaded the humans peaceful sanctuary, that has been holding the titans back for hundreds of years, they will have to flee outside the walls (obviously) and here’s where everything gets interesting.

    I feel this has a Hayao Miyazaki feeling, that is pretty rare, Now I am trying to compare this to SAO because it was from a previous season and was a Epic (tagged) anime to me, and Shingeki No Kyojin (SNK) definitely has the (Epic) in it to.

    You might think, Ok well he is just jumping to conclusions, its only episode one… NO, some animes you can tell from the beginning, how great it will turn out to be.

    Now, as all the humans will travel outside the walls, helpless/defenseless, I am not quite sure if all the humans will gather together, but since its smarter to do that, I guess they might.

    Now Eren,Mikasa and Armin will have to learn/train to become part of the Recon Corps, they will do this outside the walls obviously, since the titans have invaded the inner walls.

    So far there are only human look-a-like titans, and skinless titans. There is definitely going to be more varieties, or it is going to be boring, watching the same monsters getting killed all the time.

    Now I don’t believe this will be the last time we will be seeing the inner walls, there probably going to fight back, in the inner walls, outside the walls as well.

    There is just too much too say, I don’t know what exactly is going to happen, but I don’t want to keep guessing and telling all my opinions in episode 1, because I might spoil somethings already.

    So let’s move on to the…

    Animations :

    Great, just great. Best Quality and Style of this seasons animes I have seen so far, maybe even the past seasons as well, If I can remember correctly, definitely the real anime animation style, the original one that I grew up with as a kid, and the Quality is definitely a modern one.

    Even the smallest of objects are paid a lot of attention into.

    It’s almost like the animator/designer painted every frame with the most details he could.

    Moving on to the…

    Characters : I want to start up with Misaka, I’m a bit curious about something.

    Misaka : It seems like even though she lives with Eren and his parents, she isn’t really blood related to them, she must have been adopted since she was young.

    Maybe she was left because her parents died or her parents maybe just didn’t want her, but I think maybe her parents died, and they were like Elites in the Recon Corps or some other special organization.

    The reason I believe this is because, she has natural (strength, talent) as you could see in episode 1.

    Armin : He looks like the type of kid that is always pushed around, but he definitely stands up for himself, and doesn’t like to ask for help, he wants to do thins on his own, and that is definitely a good quality.

    Eren : Main character, he looks like the typical stubborn type, but also a Leader. (not much to say about him right now)

    I think I am talking to much, so I will end this here.

    *Now, as for what I said, this is episode 1, I have never read the manga, so this is my actual guessing, thins I say may be wrong*

  • TaskForce141 said:

    I said too much :)

    I could have kept it smaller, and put things in between episodes, but I guess I am just too excited for this, I want to say most things right now.

  • McChicken said:

    This anime is brutal, I like it :D

  • dran said:

    Holy shit!

  • C.King said:

    genius choice of enemy, absolutely terrifying a giant stupid evil nude possibly sadistic human, oh woah a wild man’s smile of savagery. such a surge of emotion that’d come from facing such a monster who resembles your own kind yet exclusively kills

  • bustapr said:

    as much as he does a good job with his voice acting, I feel this guy is overused. its like seeing will smith in 4-6 movies a year, sure its not a bad thing because he does awesome stuff, but youll eventually get tired of him.

  • jungsion said:

    …….. might be the first anime that makes me read the manga before i even see the 2nd episode

  • Kinaro said:


  • BleachFan268 said:

    I really started crying and it was only the first episode

  • midori said:

    i think im gonna start having nightmares…

  • rodgamer said:

    oh god why!!!!? DX

  • Guypho said:

    Now this anime will be badass! who is Mikasa to Eren though? sister? friend? girlfriend?

  • Granit said:

    This anime is worth all the animes from the winter. For sure one of the greatest animes I’ve ever seen.

    I was scared that we would get only the whole ecchi-crap for the spring.
    Please, Japan, slow down with the ecchi-anime production and focus on animes with a great plot and good quality!

  • chaos231 said:

    … holy shit that was insane

  • Tasukete Eirin! said:

    Oh god the ending… HOLY DUCKS THAT WAS BRUTAL!

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