Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 12

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  • Takumi said:

    getting so tense

  • Peweshtry said:

    Just a random guy, you said that they should work harder to make a double episode. Well, they can’t because they air the show once a week so they can’t. Lol. Go look at the schedule for when shingeki no kyojin is shown. BTW, its the Japanese schedule.

  • Moooio1 said:

    Wtf its nit satisfying 1 episode a week it ends at the best part

  • jackshyt said:

    MY GOOOOOD. all u had to do was pick up the effin rock eren

  • InfinityWolf said:

    This anime has some serious pacing problems and it’s a major turn off for me. The manga moves much faster. The scenes seem drawn out for no particular reason and it takes the entire episode to get to the point. At the end of every episode it teases something big and exciting, only to turn out to be a couple seconds and very underwhelming. Why is it that the action is rushed while everything else is slowed down? I’ll continue to watch but only because part of me is full of anticipation, believing that the next episode(that I now have to wait a week for)will deliver, which it probably won’t.

  • Shade said:

    All I hear is “mimimi, the anime takes so long to come out” or “the episode moves so slow”. – Well like in nearly EVERY anime?! Seriously guys. <.< I admit this episode was some stupid cliffhanger and I'm seriously fed up with it since the last 3 episodes could've been easily made as one, but the point is… it's everytime the same, no matter which anime ur watching.

    So PLEASE.. stop this whining.

  • Lolirapist said:

    eren you had one job one job!

  • MaestroDonkey said:

    Agreed with Wolf,it is rather annoying.Dialogues take forever,and important scenes are really short.I can say that nothing at all happened in this episode after the first 3 minutes,and those 3 minutes was exciting because he had attacked mikasa on the previous one.They are basically putting about 2-3 minutes of content to the start and to the end,between that its just…frustrating.You want to see what you want to see-and while teasing is a good way to get the viewers pumped up-this much is simply overkill.

  • Ryo said:

    no its not, or why do you see more ppl complaining here than ALL those other anime u say are the same. because MOST dont fill their episodes like that, not rly complainig here, i read most of the manga so i know what to expect and as you said, last 2-3 episodes you can just as much put into one.
    THAT indeed may feel the same as in other anime, but it still feels a bit worse here, maybe knowing that even the manga didnt drag it out that much, not too sure why tho.

    I only skipped through the last episode because i knew most would be dragging out, at which point you know its getting a bit bad, so i thought in THIS episode he would actually do what he was supposed to do but sadly nothing really happened again.

    as most of you i will keep watching it tho, simply because its still amazing and one of the best this season

  • Black said:

    In all honesty, after recently catching up with the manga; it’s actually moving at the same pace. The difference, most of the manga was already finished, so the pace was as fast as you could read. So the problem isn’t with the anime, but rather with those who already know what’s going to happen. Besides, this feels like it originated as a book to me; giving every detail so as to keep the reader going from page to page. That is all, my thoughts have been made.

  • GL said:

    Have you guys read the manga? If you have, then you would know that most of the dialogues that are said in the speech bubbles, and you can read faster than the voice actors. And if the action scenes are longer, then it wouldn’t follow the manga. Without the scenes that ‘drags out’, then the story just isn’t as good. Just be patient. This episode actually ended a bit later than the others (one ep per chapter), and I think it is still a good place to end. If you guys were reading the manga monthly, then I think you guys would have gone crazy already!

  • McChicken said:

    really i wasted a whole F*cking week to see the action for the next week!, F*uck you people.

  • bozy said:

    omfg what a piece of shit of episode!!! it already seems like others with this stupid nonsense fillers Jesus crist boring to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gecko69Mars said:

    Bozy is just plain stupid. There ain’t no fillers here stupid. And GL’s right you read way faster then the characters actually talking.

  • InfinityWolf said:

    I understand what everyone is saying. However there has to be a good middle ground between deviating and staying true to the manga. The problem, in my opinion is that it has that book feel. It’s saturated with every last detail. Don’t get me wrong I think that is a good thing… for the manga. Thing is that that doesn’t really work well when it’s an anime. It has to be able to translate well between medium. Don’t get me wrong I love a good story, as well as good dialogue and good characters, which this show has. It’s really really good, but it’s beginning to feel more like a manga than an anime… if that makes sense. I still have hope though.

  • dominic said:

    Dude the reason why it seems so displaced is because of the detail they are putting into the anime, the anime is honestly a tad bit easier to follow than the manga, (btw i don’t remember mikasa blushing in the manga) but they are almost replicating EVERYTHING from the manga , which is why it is taking longer to get through the story. hopefully they do not rush the ending

  • Anon said:

    wow how many people are accually paying attention to whats going on?
    Even if its not an amazing fight scene theres alot of important talking going on, i have not been reading the manga but think of why he couldnt control it must have something to do with that awkward little place he was in.

  • Divine said:

    I really dont think a new anime should be like this in the start. Like others have said, every manga have cliffhangers and fills the episodes with crap. But rarely in the first 10-20 eps… Atleast move in a decent speed until we have the basic story…

  • Avrai said:

    well.. its taking… FCKING FOREVER TO TAKE THAT ROCK TO THE GATE! this is intense with this sick animation and i guess they cant do more in one week, I just love eyes in this anime, and face experssions, Mikasa’s look gave me goosebumps xD :<

  • Aeolus said:

    Guys,I too like you all have read the manga, I know what’s up next, but I’m glad they are actually taking time with this. I’m loving the anime. The action isn’t as rushed as i originally thought it would be. True all he has to do is move a rock take into consideration that it weighs about 1 1/2 as much as titan eren weighs. It’s heavy and him not being in any control is even worse. This anime is going to get VERY good if they stick with this pace. Nothing needs to be changed so please stop asking for it.

  • rodgamer said:

    if u guys think the pacing is slow for this, try a reading a manwha XD

  • kilaa said:

    let it be slow i don’t want this anime to end quickly

  • Ryoji said:

    just as kilaa said, let this be slow, lucky for me 24 episodes were planned, if you wanted him to transform and just seal the gate it would be fast, and not that intriguing, if it was like that this anime would be 12-14 episodes. be grateful you bastards >_<

  • Outty said:

    If you liked this episode wait until next weeks episode labeled “I pick things up I put them down.” With a very dramatic ending that would will not be able to guess.

  • InfinityWolf said:

    Well I had no idea I would get so much response for my opinion. From the looks of it my opinion was apparently wrong. I just hope I wasn’t included in the categories of : whiner, complainer, or even bastard… I have no idea how you’d know whether or not my or anyone’s birth lacks legal legitimacy.

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