Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 13

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  • Takumi said:

    we will reach 25 eps so fast…

  • ~N~ said:

    cant wait for next episode

  • maniac said:


  • Rail-kun said:

    Rivaille is awesome, so they will now judge Eren.

  • zero said:

    lyvi was so badass at the end and when he saved eren.

    cant wait for next epi

  • Demelicos said:

    Hmm… Erens face at the end looks more desperate that bloody and vengeful, I think that would have made a better impression.

    Personally, I was hoping for a quick rock placement and then an all out slaughter on the trapped Titans. I suppose fatigue would happen, but still like my hopeful version better.

  • War of Titan said:

    This anime is so emotional, never have i had felt this way about an anime.

  • bustapr said:

    damn this was a really good ep.

  • john said:


  • john said:

    When we’re born, all of us are free.
    People who deny that, no matter how strong they are, don’t matter.
    The burning water, the land of ice… I don’t care what!
    Anyone who saw such things would be the freest person in the entire world!
    Who would value their life over something like that?
    How terrifying the world may be… It doesn’t matter!
    However cruel the world may be… It doesn’t matter!
    Roar Fight!!
    Eren Jaeger

  • fan tastik said:

    Yay, something happened this episode, but I think next week is just recap….damn.

  • Detor said:

    I hate how the first 3 min are about what hapened so far. they cold use them for the story and we end up with a 19 min ep.

  • Lelouch said:

    recap next ep i think

  • SlashEX said:

    Good ep, but there are many recycled scenes, unfortunately

  • Lacike said:

    No,I need next episode now :(..,

  • Unbreakahorse said:

    Spoiler they havn’t reached the basement in the manga yet lololll and it’s way ahead

  • baka baconz said:

    ooooh i think theyr riping us off it feels like 5 mins per ep lol

    not being an idiot i know that making anime is not easy and takes time

  • Fang said:

    Did anyone else feel like the first 3mins of the episode felt like a fitting trailer for the series?

  • kilaa said:

    wow god this epiosode was fast

  • hawas said:

    anybody know the song that was playing in the background at 12:20?

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