Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 14

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  • Takumi said:

    oh yeah more eps to come

  • 3.0 said:

    O.o Did not see that coming.

  • Kiruso said:

    Recap! RLY!?!?! RLY!?!?! now I’m mad.

  • Martin said:

    This better be an actual episode. Without recaps or Armin’s memories of being weaker.

  • MUKAGILA said:


  • Omar said:

    when the next eps ??

  • zvala said:


  • Ryosuke said:


  • Yuu said:

    hoping SnK would be an Irregular [ 24+ episodes ]

  • lluis said:

    Don’t liek the knew opening but love everything else!

  • zoop said:

    The new intro was sweet!!!

  • Shiro Yui said:

    sucks eren needs to bite his thumb to change……… if i was in his position I woulda just killed everyone there and been on my merry way with mikasa and armin

  • DISCORD said:

    Alright!! been waiting for this!!!

  • VoltronBurger said:

    the music in this show never ceases to amaze me (especially the new OP and ED)

    another great episode

  • Jungsion said:

    think they should’ve had a demonstration make eren kill titans and have everyone watch at the wall plain and simple

  • DISCORD said:

    nice~ time for a day off and watch…

  • suckymesucky said:

    if you love this anime, then you have to play this game!!!!

  • Joey said:

    i hate this op

  • Deathawaits said:

    Loved that ending, so epic!
    Can’t wait for the next episode.

  • Hans said:


  • Rokkx said:

    Didnt expect that the tooth would grow up again xD

  • T4skForce141 said:

    Delicious Anime.

    - T4skForce141

  • kilaa said:

    yay new opening song

  • kilaa said:

    8:18 lol scared me so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Suzumoko said:

    Just because the old opening was catchy doesnt mean the new one sucks. I believe the new one is definetly more catchy and has more emotion to it. the other one was basically introducing the characters and the kyojins. In this opening, it has more of a thrilling effect on people. Since more characters are involved and you know how they are like, the new opening expresses all of it. It is more dramatic as well. It even gives you a close look at all the weapons. I plan on cosplaying as mikasa, so this opening is a great way for me to create the weapons.

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