Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 15

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  • ThisFoo said:


  • Rail-kun said:

    Nice and clean

  • erm said:

    lol, kinda empty episode

  • ChuyShaj said:

    First!!!!!!!!!!!! This episode is really cooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!

  • lluis said:

    Well that wasn’t all that interesting

  • TeddY said:

    Wow can’t waith for next ep. ^^

  • AOT said:

    Not to much action this ep ):

  • dikpikhans said:

    awesome, i like this anime so much!!!

  • Trap said:

    Hanji is inspired by yuuko sensei from muv-luv the trilogy. And that’s actually a fact.
    She’s still unique enough to be her own character and i think both characters are awesome.

  • T4skForce141 said:

    People seem to think its all about action, this is why SAO is not even close to be as good as AOT.

    AOT has much more of a descriptive story to it compared to SAO.

    In SAO we pretty much knew about everything that was going to be, from start to beginning.

    In AOT its the opposite, we keep learning about new things with each and every episode.

  • BLACK said:

    Who even said anything about SAO!? These are two completely different animes. Why are you even tryna compare the two? I really enjoy SAO for what it is and it IS a good anime. Stop tryna hate for NO REASON! I like Shingeki no Kyojin (I refuse to refer to it as Attack on Titan) for what IT is as well. I love the action sequences and I honestly wish that there was more, but I also enjoy the full fleshing out of the plot. Can we just focus on what is at hand? Dang!

  • GL said:

    I think this episode is great! Learned lots more about the titans now, and more character development, for the set up of greater episodes later…

  • Discord said:

    @T4skForce141 : i agree about AOT “learning about new things with each and every episode”… for me, action is one of the interesting about this anime but there’s more into it, if you absorb closely, that’s why AOT is special in many ways….

  • VoltronBurger said:

    Another great episode. i wonder how far in this show is going to go (when compared to the manga)

    also, BLACK, SAO wasnt as good as you’re making it out to be.

  • chuck said:

    DAM so many sketchy things in this episode whoaaah

  • Bobosprings said:

    Looks like they tried to test whether or not Eren is really siding with the humans… Thats a pretty interesting way to go about it.

  • Atri said:

    Nice a German x Japanes OP xDDD

  • Heot said:

    I didn’t want to admit it but I think the blond guy is a “warrior” as well, for those who knows what I mean.

  • LOLcompare? said:

    AHAHHAH NXT episode …… REVEAL.. :3
    wew dont compare AOT to SAO dude… for me BOTH i love the story..
    SAO-players trap in the game… (DEATHGAME)i love this because i’m a gamer…. LOLZZZZZ
    AOT-Instinction of the humankind… THiS is what im talking about. unique STORYYY.. love ittttt

  • miw12 said:

    So many things getting uncovered :))

  • Thersor said:

    Honestly for how much contents in these episodes they might as well be 3 minutes long

  • kilaa said:

    wooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best anime ever

  • MMM1 said:

    interesting doesn’t the blonde hair (Commander Erwin?) seem alot like the Colossus Titan that Destroyed the gate after appearing out of no where ?

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