Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 17

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  • Anami said:

    love this series

  • NikamariHimatsu said:

    Awesome series, can’t wait for 17. <3

  • DarkFkameMaster123 said:


  • DelightThreat said:

    Sub sub sub sub sub sub.

  • Ashen said:

    Dat Titan <3

  • Rokkx said:

    Looks like Misaka :/

  • zero said:

    this… is… awsome!!!!!!!!

  • YES said:

    Reiner Annie and Eren Titan Shifters :#

  • Rail-kun said:

    Every thing is logical in this episode. Reiner w/ smokes on his head, and when Armin shouted His Bestfriend, which refers to “Marco” the Female Titan Sudden paused.

    Annie felt a greater guilt which we don’t know why.
    When there’s a smoke there’s a Titan(refer to the past episode, I think Armin said that).

    I believe that now, even not reading the manga, will know who’s that Titan is. Because every hint is given in this episode.

    If not try to watch it again.

  • domdex said:

    OH geez I didn’t notice this in the manga. Reiner, anyone see anything suspicious about him being crushed but somehow getting out ? and then after he got out he looked perfectly fine ??? and while he was carrying armin he had steam coming out of his back

  • Laume said:

    Dat Ass!

  • Debin said:

    Amazing? :P

  • Kotori x Kawaii said:

    Reiner write eren’s location on its hand .. and when the Female Titan ( Annie ) was paused and looking at its hand it make armin think that Reiner was also a Titan , armin said about his friend that has been killed .. Bcuz he figure out that its Annie itself who killed MARCO .. in the previous EPISODE annie was saying ” Im Sorry ” many times at MARCO’s Corpse , and Annie was the 1 who killed the 2 Titan they Capture .. during the inspection of 3D MG to find out the culprit Armin 1st notice that Annie was presenting MARCOS’ 3D MG but he ignore the possibility that she was the 1 who killed the 2 titan’s .. then during the expedition in this CURRENT EP..
    Armin notice this..
    1st- The Female Titan look like Annie
    2nd- Annie was specialize at Hand 2 Hand Combat and The Female Titan was the same
    3rd- When The Female Titan did’t kill him when it take off his hood.
    4th- When he shout ” avenge your friend death ” which refer to marco & “its the 1 who kill him” which refer to annie “Female Titan”.
    5th- She Realize the previous event the 2 Titan has been killed By Annie , He figure it out when Annie represent Marco’s 3D MG only Armin notice it.
    6th- He also found out in this EP . that Reiner was also a titan ” bcuz of the sudden change of location of the Female titan” & Reiner really look like the Armored Titan. and he notice that the “Female Titan” Stop after reiner cutting its Finger’s and the titan Only watching its Hand after regeneration moving to where is eren is.. Armin think that ” Reiner give her the location of eren using his 3D MG to write a message on its hand ” and when reiner said its not going to follow us anymore.

    the Captain alrdy notice that their enemeny isnt a Titan and there’s a spy so they give a “False Information” to figure out who’s the traitor , but he does’t know who is it.

    btw YMIR is also a Titan SMALL type and also the Fastest and have the sharpest claw !

  • Kotori x Kawaii said:

    @Domdex that blood on Reiner was the Female titans blood bcuz of him cutting its fingers .. and those blood evaporated bcuz its not Reiner’s Blood !

  • SPOILER said:

    @Rail-kun manga is much farther in the story and you know much more about the titans if you read also but well its pretty obvious anyway who the titan is there was never before a female titan now one appears with blonde hair <.<

  • Anonymus said:


    Collosal titan – someone from recon corps

    Armoured Titan – Jean

  • Sakura-san said:

    People please! don´t write spoilers…It was a great episode, I like de construction the all rolls and the story. Hajime Isayama thank you for created that amazing manga!.

  • Aliko said:

    i mean really what the heck??? u like reading manga? then go friggin read manga! dont come and write friggin spoilers you jerks.

  • Grayland I said:

    @Sakura-san Again ill say this over and over again, it’s not a spoiler if it’s obvious.

  • asdf said:

    armored titan not jean

  • azert said:


    you’re very funny
    you know, what’s worst than spoiling a serie? spoiling a serie with false informations!

  • Nanou said:

    I read the manga too but I seriously can’t understand what’s the point on writing all those spoilers.

    If they wanted to know they would read the manga us if they don’t do it it’s because they don’t want to ! So why ?

    Yaaay you ruined their surprises and the pleasure they have to discover things every weeks kyah kyah here a cookie !! (●ゝω)ノヽ(∀<●)

    Duh seriously I can’t understand why some people find this cool, it’s simply selfish but oh well.

  • Jungsion said:

    @Anonymus Jean is not the armored titan ur thinking the other guy

  • GL said:

    Wow, you guys are so good. When I read the manga, I never suspected who those titans are…

  • Gecko69Mars said:

    I like how people act high and mighty when they spoil thinking they’re above others…The things people will do for self satisfaction….

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