Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 18

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  • Anami said:

    this is awesome!

  • Aliko said:

    now for sure coupla jerks will come and write spoilers.

  • Ahall0943 said:

    I can’t wait!

  • Rail-kun said:

    Such cliffhanger…… I’m going blank daayyymmmmnnn…
    Awesome animation during the chase, I love it.

  • Erod said:

    Since there’s only gonna be 24 or 25 ep I hope there’s gonna be a season 2

  • alphablob said:

    What’s with the subs… Ehren > Eren, Him/He > It, Almin > Armin… God.

  • hi said:

    horriable translation

  • dikpikhans said:

    amazing duude, love this anime. I must almost crie. I really love this anime

  • GSxRenton said:

    plz fix subs…

  • Dave said:

    -.- The sub isn’t realy great

  • NegaAnon said:

    The subs were weird in this one. I’m not used to weird.

  • Zero said:

    freaking awesome

  • Erebus said:

    for the people asking for a second season there is not enough manga yet for a second season i am sure there will be a second season but it wont be for a while i would guess until spring of 2014

  • Logic said:

    “I wan’t to marry her” OMG THAT’S GOLD HAHAHHAH

  • McyD said:

    Not quite, but almost the worst subs I have seen.

  • Grayland I said:

    that is one SEXY ASS female titan

  • Yubertroll said:

    agreed. these subs make this episode almost unwatchable. I would have rather waited another week for good subs instead of this garbage

  • Yubertroll said:

    lol, right after I post that last statement I see they fixed it. thank you powers that be!

  • Nightz said:

    This isn’t Shingeki no Kyojin?

  • T4skForce141 said:

    Can’t wait for next episode.

    Once again, not reading comments, don’t want any spoilers, hopefully moderators of AA will not allow the spoiler comments to be posted or maybe they already have ?

    I really don’t know since I don’t look at the comments any more.

  • lluis said:

    Love that new titan so bad ass!

  • just a random guy said:

    a goddess
    i want to marry her

    really that was the funniest SNK moment

  • Tommy said:

    Awesome episode!!!
    I carnt wait to see them fight the armored Titan on steroids & the king ding aling Titan smashing down the walls when ever that happens gonna be a epic battle :)

  • Black said:

    Much more terrifying than it was in the manga; geez, the titans always somehow give me this creepy vibe.

  • Orion said:

    i think i know who that crazy titan is. looks so familiar.

  • kilaa said:

    holy s… i was jumping on the chair while watching the titan chasing them!!!!!

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