Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 21

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  • Anami said:


  • Furby said:

    Cliffhanger everywhere.

  • Ryosuke said:


  • GL said:

    The animators cut and paste a lot of clips into this one… it could have been a lot better. I would have preferred it if they waited a season to complete the animation before broadcasting it…

  • Zarozian said:

    Holy shit…..

  • dragonxz said:

    shut up GL you don’t even know what you’re talking about this episode was good and also this season why should they waited animation who cares if they cut clip some part the fight was good

  • anon said:

    I think that may have been the most action packed episode yet and i loved every second!

  • john said:

    this shit is NICE!!!!! Epic
    F@ck this got me yelling woah and HELL YEAH

  • john said:

    i dont know about u guys but i just got a nerdgasm

  • MidnightChild said:

    Man, and I really like Petra too. D:

  • SlashEX said:

    What GL said, but!
    Mikasa is freaking awesome

  • Anonny said:

    Dude, you can’t be serious dragon..

    They’re not even trying to hide who the female titan is, and it’s mostly just copy/pasted trees.

  • Demelicos said:

    I always love fights fueled by anger and rage, they are always the most brutal!

  • kcilyfjr said:

    damn this episodeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • kalin said:

    That was SICK!

  • Eishiro said:

    this is getting way to predictable
    But it’s still great

  • Otaaki said:


  • BaalZebul said:

    predictable?! really?
    this is anything but predictable!

  • randomshit1997 said:

    Shingeki <3 love dis episode can't wait till next week

  • Avazi said:

    Mikasa go rage mode.

  • Megakruemel said:

    I don’t care who that female titan is, i don’t care why it did this but i know it will suffer like the bitch it is and i really hope the anime has a diffrent story as the manga so she will suffer like she is supposed to.

  • kurorakeanime said:

    Battle of the titans literally
    but i do wish they would have gotten to the fight sooner but well thats a show for you always delaying the best parts for later

  • dikpikhans said:

    Hollly Crappp amazing!!!!!!!!

  • Suphix said:

    I feel kind of bad for thinking that Petra was a bit of a bitch now.

  • Elp said:

    Well that’s here were anime and manga differ.. too bad

  • Donkeymeister said:

    Characters are acting absolutely retarded and well…out of character.If mikasa was actually that enraged he would kill levi then and there.She already made clear that she doesnt like him,and now she is taking orders.Same with eren who’s throwing two punches to the head when he could hit her chest without failure.Well i guess it is how it is.

  • Laume said:

    if Mikasa was is rage mode the i what mod was Levi when he saw his entire sqouad dead?!

  • Mr. Crab said:

    just let mikasa and levi go HAM on that b****

  • DarkVenom said:

    the female titan is Annie Leonhardt or Christa Renz

  • zozo said:

    noob punch. how can yu lose a fight vs an armless women god

  • Ranchi said:

    To be honest, this episode was predictable and boring. I’ve had enough of this fight against her, and if they drag it out for even more episodes, I’d go as far as to call this the DBZ Freezer/Frieza battle of Shingeki no Kyojin. We all know who is inside this titan anyway, just cut her out or kill her already, this is such a drag…

  • ZataGigaX009 said:

    @Ranchi How dumb can you be? The anime is suppose to build tension and excitement. How are they going to do that if they just skip the rest and kill off an important character? If you really want to know so badly, go ahead and read the manga. People saying it’s so easily predicted… go troll else where. I’ve read the manga and it has slow updates but it doesn’t stop me from reading it. Just be patient and wait it out. It’s like starting a great manga into an anime and ending it off with all the twists and important plots with few episodes. In this case they do. Let them do what they can to fit as much as they can in an episode. Stop rushing them. I barely leave a comment but you deserve to be lectured.

  • Ranchi said:

    @ Zata: Voicing my opinion is my concern, and I felt like doing it on this episode. If it’s dumb to say what you think, then you are more like me than you want to be. This episode was a drag in my opinion, and it WAS predictable. I caught myself doing other stuff while watching, and that my dear, is NOT building up tension in MY opinion. If you can’t take the comments of others, don’t read them, simple as. I don’t judge people by what they think about an anime episode, but I judge you by being an idiot.

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