Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 25

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  • Intensify said:


  • What? said:

    How are you saying “Amazing” if the episode isn’t even out yet, not even the teaser.

  • Intensify said:

    Because I’m a faggot.

  • Ryosuke said:


  • Tairengan said:


  • mimya said:

    O.O That last second…. I’m freaking out!!!!

  • vixiv said:

    I’m getting a bit p!$$#@ off with the summer anime. Why? This series is an example – the story is nowhere near its conclusion but the series ends leaving viewers wondering if there will be another season. In the end, though it was well made, it is little more than bait to lure viewers to buy the manga. I have to wonder why series like this one and Tiger & Bunny end while mediocre series like One Piece continue.

  • Anonno said:

    What, the manga isn’t that far off from where the anime ends..

    Not to mention the “big reveals” that come next are so freaking stupid you start to freaking laugh out loud at the series.

    So yeah…

  • zero said:

    one piece is awsome, dont hate on it. but ya your right whats with the summer anime ending with out a proper ending, i mean really ***, they get my hopes, but to no avail

  • Kami said:


  • Lee said:

    well this sucks now i need a new anime to watch but why do they always end when there is some mush more that they can turn into an animation.

  • Lany said:

    HD?? hello?

  • MergingWhispeR said:

    Really! Who knows if they’re even attempting to make a Series 2!! Why can’t these good animes just continue and things like one peice an fairy tail just stop!!! Makes me super mad to see awesome works just stopping. Love how the closssal Titan was like “hey derr” lol

  • BlackJackal said:

    Yep season 2

  • GL said:

    It was a good run. Well done to the animators! Definitely want to buy the DVD when they all come out. =)

  • Saeko Himiko said:

    the manga is a good bit ahead so far. been a few major character reveals and the titan wall reveal (seen at the end of the episode)

    totally lame that its been left at a total cliff-hanger like that.
    i was starting to think that from the way the manga is going the anime was going to be at least in the area of 50-75 episodes

    although there was news that the manga creator was hoping to finish the series within another 20 or so chapters
    how true that information is, is still a bit unknown

  • HD said:

    Wit Studio and Production I.G want more money for season 2.

  • Lyconides said:

    Epic anime. :) Just glad i watched it.

  • bustapr said:

    dudes, its pretty obvious that this series is continuing this season. why else would they bring a new OP in the last episode? they seem to be doing 15-16 chapters per season(this episode is chapter 33-34), and I find that the next chapters(50-51) are a good spot to end this next season and have a long break until the manga ends in 3-4 years(tentative).

  • kurorakeanime said:

    they best make a season 2 otherwise i will become a titan run to japen and wipe,no kill the all

  • Nightpaw said:

    really awesome but the mangaka did say it takes him a week to plan, week to sketch it out then another to polish then one more for publishing. Lets hope they do indeed pick up because this anime is really worth it (budget willing). Also is there a possibility they do a small anime series on Before the fall?

  • VoltronBurger said:

    @saeko himiko, according to an anime news network article, an interview with isayama said that he would finish the series in 20 books

    on another note, i feel bad for all of the non-manga readers because that ending was a huge slap to the face

  • dikpikhans said:

    yeaaaahhh duuude, amazing episode, i really hope for season 2!!!

  • Animefreak said:

    Has anyone else realized that this series only shows the colassal and armored Titans once or twice this whole series? Makes me wonder if they are human Titans as well…

  • save44 said:

    Yes the other titans shown early in the series are humans and you can tell this by the yellow lightning that struck before they appeared and after they disappear. My question is why was there a titan in the damn wall and was Annie really trying to climb to escape or was she trying to realease him. I enjoy seeing Erin go all devil titan and Erwin is the man he’s my hero epic episode! FYI One Piece is a great show!!!! Pokemon and yugioh need to be put an end too. How man more versions of the card anime can they make I mean they nrot even good anymore I was done after duel school smh.

  • Avazi said:

    If any of you are complaining that it leaves off with a cliffhanger, READ. THE. MANGA.

  • chewbacca said:

    was that the last episode?

  • kilaa said:

    wow :DDDD
    and now w wait 2 other years before they make season 2 :p

  • Ash said:

    You live because you have a stomach.

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