Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 3

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  • ZeroShift said:


  • Nyanko said:


  • Zero said:


  • Bitrusty said:

    awsome been a while since iv seen a good anime up and comeing i hope it continuse

  • Zenith said:

    Currently waiting for subs…

  • gtgtg said:

    i need more!

  • lou said:

    this anime best not be 13 episodes…

  • Steve said:

    this will be a great series. they screwed up on episode 2 where they go into the future and they havent aged. yeah i caught that.

  • Saeko Himiko said:

    this just gets more and more epic with every episode.
    looking forward to the battle sequences when we see mikasa and erens training put to the test.

  • Lyconides said:

    Finally was waiting for it to sub and even watched the first few minutes raw! xD

  • Alex said:

    Can’t wait for next week!

  • hmmmmm said:

    good episode.

  • $u$pect said:

    i waited a week for this? wth?

  • Zarozian said:

    Misaka loves Eren a lot~ Which is why she sabotaged his belt so he won’t make it in, that way he can leave and go to the landfills and she can go with him.

    Basically shes belittling and babying her man, in order to keep him safe. Which I find kinda sweet and kinda hot but, eventually like most guys they will excel and surpass and keep moving forward till hes beyond her reach anymore~

  • Driss said:

    This is so good it makes me want to re-read the manga again.

  • Poppy said:

    cant stop watching!

  • jungsion said:

    im glad their doing it this way and not like the managa

  • DumbAnon said:

    where is Rokkz? is he finally getting his life back?

  • zero said:

    lol-ed so hard at mikcasa at the end. and wow eren check your equipment first.

  • bill nye the science guy said:

    this anime is soooo good

  • Hessmess said:

    WHat is the premise for this battle
    like does he get a magic sword or something to defeat the giants because its proven that those wire things do nothing to the titans

  • TaskForce141 said:

    Greetings, TaskForce141 here.

    The more I seem to watch this, the more I seem to get interested.

    This is so good.

    I like how it doesn’t just show the same stuff all the time, which is what makes a anime boring as hell.

    The fact that this anime reaches out into every area of the story, whether there fighting the titans, or learning the basics of training, whether there village is being destroyed and they can’t do anything, whether they are just kids playing around in the village roads.

    They always seem to make it interesting and put a lot of details into every scene they choose.

    The reactions, and truth-fullness of the characters are just so real, I love’d how (I don’t really remember his name) but the soldier that saved Misaki and Eren after her mom got stuck and eaten, his open truth is so realistic, like how he came back from the first fight we got to see in episode 1 outside the wall, he was going mad and telling everyone how they got wiped out like nothing.

    I like how Eren, the main character isn’t just given all the cool things, how he earns it,(this has nothing to do with anime) its a bit off topic but, recently there was a song that came out from drake called “started from the bottom” well you can definitely say Eren and his gang (Misaka and Armin) started from the bottom

    #by the way, drake did not start from the bottom, he started as a rich little jew/african.

    What I also like is that, Misaka probably one of the prettiest, isn’t also just given to him because hes cool, because hes better or for such reasons, but it was probably by mistake.

    Once again, we don’t know Misaka’s background, but i took a guess in episode 1, that her parents probably died and Eren’s dad probably found her or something and adopted her, and they grew up together which is a way better deep into love story. (way better then twillight, hahahaha)

    I’ll leave this commentary short, because I’m starting to feel that I’m a bit off in my past few commentary’s, when they get long, it starts to get long and boring.

    p.s last minutes of this episode were uplifting :D

  • TaskForce141 said:

    I meant Village Streets when I said roads :o

  • Rokkx said:

    Story is too straid forward. =/

  • Avrai said:

    ahaha FCKING SPLENDID! that killed me xD

  • Rail-kun said:

    Block Buster Anime no doubt. Also it’s manga was amazing I can’t wait for more chapters.

  • rodgamer said:

    @taskforce141 yeah b/c that one wasnt’ long at all. noooo~

  • Ginki said:

    @Hessmess you will see what weapons they have to kill titans.if you don’t read the manga you have to wait & saying titan,what the hell with that awful translation on kyojin?why they not write titan?
    @lou I don’t think this will be long anime.i bet it will have either 12 or 25 episodes.even though manga chapters have lot of pages still it only has 43 chapters and release 1 chapter per month.its been 1 moth & 10 days and no new chapter

  • Synystr said:

    Sasha is a girl but she has balls

  • Dizzypixel said:

    Please dont die Misaka.

  • Destro said:

    I bet that one guy screwed with Erens equipment.

  • Gecko69Mars said:

    I’ll wait until the HD comes out…..I want to watch each episode at its best quality and enjoy it to the MAX XD

  • alistaire said:

    Reiner, Berthold, the blonde girl and that girl that carried potato girl are Titans. Now that I’m watching the anime i can actually see their facial expressions better. And who knew that the 3D gear would be so awesome!!! oh btw, Eoten is german for giant or monster derived from Jotuun which is from norwegian language.

  • troySuchiru said:

    @alistaire dude don’t spoil it for the people who haven’t read the manga.

  • chaos231 said:

    the end of this ep was f***ing awesome

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