Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 4

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  • Jehuty said:


  • john said:


  • Rail-kun said:

    Potato Girl ~ Sasha Blouse <3

  • settonSan said:

    though the manga wasn’t that cool of a read the anime is making such a splash! i mean the time spent in each animation scene its just amazing…

    cant wait for next week’s release!

    Stay golden

  • Moooio1 said:

    It’s so funny when the Titan.appears out of nowhere

  • Lyconides said:

    Beast!… love how the giant just appears out of nowhere. Looks like episode 5 is gonna be full of action with the titans coming in, looking forward to the next one.

  • random said:

    The moment Erin was giving the dramatic speech about humanities counterattack i knew that things were too happy and a titan would come the moment he finished…. CALLED IT LIKE A MOTHE-

  • Zeal said:

    Omg bad ass

  • Castella said:

    Yep XD Poof, helloo :d

    but man, those are some badass moves ^^

  • deangelo said:

    THIS anime is so well made and planed out im starting to love it a lot

  • sdfsdf said:

    That’s kind of retarded how that huge ass titan (the biggest titan they’ve seen so far) popped out of nowhere. Either you would have been deaf and blind to not notice him or that titan had some crazy stealth technique.

  • sdfsdf said:

    Also I wish they would be mix it up more with the soldiers. They all look so identical with the same weapon and uniform style. It makes it so bland. Anyways liking the series so far.

  • J said:

    OMG. This is getting epic

  • lou said:

    eren was all up in collosus’s face, thats how you end an episode people!

  • joseph said:

    man that is just bullcrap a titan apears of no where right? and with lighting, plus without skin righ? i love the animation,story line to but it just too if you dont have skin you will die real soon so is is a titan without skin,teleportation,lighting and they call it the armored titan that’s very funny. anyways thanks for you time.

  • WasabiTeaTime said:

    i want more o_o

  • SlashEX said:


  • EJ said:

    I’m looking forward to the next episode!

    Though it would be brutal as shiz… so many deaths everywhere >.<

  • Zarozian said:

    That titan appeared with a crack of thunder in a blink of an eye. Weren’t you playing attention?

  • Roxas said:

    HOLY Q_Q

  • Black said:

    There’s an explanation as to why the Colossal Titan appeared out of no where, but that’s waaaaay later in the manga. Due to the fact I have no clue how far the anime will go, we might not ever find out in this so I’d recommend reading the manga. If anything, the anime does a better job a telling the story because the manga’s is kinda all over the place and messy. Also, Eren is a badass for being ballsy enough to go face to face with that thing.

  • randomshit1997 said:

    I love this anime i want more :( can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zero said:

    this…. is….. epic….. awsomeness!!!!!

  • kalin said:

    That f…ing titan just pop out of nowhere!

  • Bontenmaru said:

    @sdfsdf may the titan used to sleep near the wall c:

  • VoltronBurger said:

    stop complaining about how it appears out of nowhere. if you read the manga, you would know why. there is a valid reason for it

  • troySuchiru said:


  • dragonfist said:


  • bustapr said:

    I couldnt help it and caved in to desire and continued to the manga after this ep. considering just how much better the anime is vs the manga(as far as Ive read), this may very well be the best anime of the last few years. I wouldnt really recommend goingto the manga if you really REALLY like the anime, since the mangas art is quite subpar compared to most manga. only go to the manga if youre desperate to know whats next.

  • Steve said:

    This show completely satisfies my weakly anime boner. the intensity of the fighting scenes reminds me of sword art online, the same flip out in battle mentality and go ham. f-ing epic.

  • TheAmazin said:


  • bill nye the science guy said:

    this is quite the anime, could now keep my eyes off then the titan came out of no where

  • Demelicos said:

    Glad to be seeing an epic fight scene is approaching. 4 episodes in, it’s about time we see some of the giants blood flowing.

  • Dancelouisdance said:

    Why doesn’t master xehanort use keyblade? 0.0 and wheres sora? ha
    “The instructor guy look likes zehanort ha x)”

  • Greg said:

    Guys, ypu can’t say tahta “OMG they appear of nowhere hurr durr it’s retarded” Read the manga, there’s a reason :/

  • karyuuno said:

    and another masterpiece was born

  • chaos231 said:

    every time i watch this i only think holy shit

  • TaskForce141 said:

    Insane :)

  • $u$pect said:

    after finishing the manga, my god the stuff yet to be shown lool

  • ZataGigaX009 said:

    @joseph Either you didn’t read the subtitles/Didn’t fully understood what was said or you’re just an airhead… There was 2 titans involved in the incident back 5 years ago. The Colossal Titan (No skin) and the Armored Titan. Two different titans.

    @Greg and @VoltronBurger Well, you can’t actually expect them to know how that happened. They just watched the anime, but has not read the manga. You can’t expect them to know right away that there’s a reasonable explanation (Although there is) behind it.

    I can’t wait for another update in the manga. That cliff hanger…

  • NinjaSlack said:

    the serious humor is really funny!

  • rodgamer said:


  • Geo said:

    Man epic ending. Need to see the next episode.

  • djmidori said:

    LMAO @ Sasha’s fart XDXD

  • Cr4zy1 said:

    epic! epic! epic!

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