Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 5

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  • ZeroShift said:


  • HAHAHA said:

    Ok so there goes the arm and leg nothing more to said except I just want to see your face when you gonna see it

  • Choclate Rain said:

    ZeroShift your a comment whore.

  • $u$pect said:

    nice spoiler you f@ggot

  • Lightimus said:

    When will episode 5 come out?

  • Zeal said:

    Woohoo is out

  • Zeal said:

    I meant to say it is out

  • RyuKayser said:

    just wait until you see what will happen next episode, you people gonna like it

  • lou said:

    WTF man i hope this episodes just eren day dreaming or something cas imma be pissed for the rest of this week

  • NinjaSlack said:

    Woah, I want to know what’s going to happen next! Titans are strong!

  • Mlg pro said:

    He died?
    What is this, probably his sis is gonna be the new main character if he actually died.

  • randomshit1997 said:

    I should honestly stop reading comments first half of the comments r stupid second half are spoilers don’t u people have any decency

  • cystro said:

    n…no, your kidding me…,right ?

  • Lee said:

    what the hell

  • bill nye the science guy said:

    seriously? what? why? HOW?!?!?!? the questions are building like a conundrum wrapped around an enigma

  • Winnie said:

    Thanks for the upload :D but is it possible for you guys to upload gg’s version of the subs? Commie’s “eotena” and “behemoth” translation (as well as among other things) is weird…

  • Demelicos said:

    So, I’ll HAND it to the kid, he put his best FOOt forward, it’ll be interesting to see where the series goes from here…

  • martin said:

    Ep. 5, let’s kill the main character and follow Pixis instead

  • VoltronBurger said:

    the “transformation” of the series is coming
    (wink wink)

  • nomnom said:

    Eren is not dead

  • Cyka28 said:

    WTF he already died, i hope he ends up popping out its stomach or something like that

  • Driss said:

    i’ll just say: go read the manga

  • jose said:

    Read the manga to know what will happen next its pretty boss

  • hmmmmm said:

    ****SPOILER ALERT****Do not read until you are done watching this episode*****

    I never read the manga for this, but based on the synopsis eren should survive. Either that or his sister will be hell bent on vengeance. I mean technically he could have like a wooden attachment put on his arm as a sword holder and even a fake leg as well. Still, even if he pulled that off somehow given their current technology. I’d say it would take at least a year of rehabilitation and don’t even get me started on what his mental would be considering what just happened. All I can say is crap just got real either way. I don’t personally think he is dead though. It’s been a long time since a lot of us have seen a main character get the royal crap beat out of him. It is a nice change of pace to the typical story line though.

  • Oich said:

    Come on now, he lost his arm and leg. Where have I seen it before? (Sarcasm)

    I highly doubt he’s dead, maybe he’ll slice through the titan’s belly, I dunno.

  • Steve said:

    if my boy dies i may just stop watching this series.
    imagine if naruto died would you stop watching the series… yes. sword art online kirito dies asuna takes over you keep watching the series…noo and to those who give spoilers in the comments and to the most hatted individual on this website(cough cough zero shift, in the words or Amregedon. Up Yooourrss!!

  • EJ said:

    Now’s the start of the anime itself … I cant wait! xD
    I just hope it will not be only around 12+ eps…
    At least make it 25 or more!

  • Titans said:

    He turns into a titan, spoiler alert.

  • AlexDK said:

    ok now i understand why he has a wood arm in the picture i was think for a long time wtf happen so he had a wood arm now i got it xD

  • Yugi600 said:

    What the heck why does eren have to die, also will eren live? The medicine that erens father injected to him will it make eren regenerate like the titans? Ugh! This is frustrating now im pissed for the week until i get a clear answer about this or watch the next ep which i still have to wait for a week. Ugggghh, so frustrating, i wonder n how am i gonna get a good sleep if eren dies. Uuuuuuuuggggghh!

  • god of lightning said:


  • The 1rst Dark Flame Master said:

    Yeah he’s not dead. I mean cmon people were you not listening? It’s pretty easy to see that the titans regenerate just by looking at them. To have it explained means that there’s a way to STOP their regeneration OR USE their regeneration. It’s literally MAKING us foreshadow that Eren may be able to gain his limbs back. Either way, if he got custom auto-male to move around in an even more badass fashion than I’m a-ok.

  • Mikot Misaka said:

    Now he become edward elric and kicks some ass

  • BleachFan268 said:

    OMG this was a sad episode

  • WasabiTeaTime said:

    well…didnt expect this..

  • Gecko69Mars said:

    JUST WAIT U GUYS ARE IN FOR A BIIIIIIG SURPRISE. btw I kept saying oh shit oh shit over and over since the part where thomas gets chewed…Even though I know whats coming…

  • ZataGigaX009 said:

    @Titans Dumbass, say spoiler alert before saying the spoiler. How stupid can a person be? Oh wait, there’s this Titans guy. Get a brain and maybe use it everyday?

  • Zero said:

    WTF why did the main character died,,,, What a twisted plot

  • ShadowsFortune said:


    Eren does not die, because he regenerates because HE himself is a titan, this is what happened in the manga, except it happened to his his sister Yamin instead of Erin, in the manga.

  • Rokkx said:

    There will be 25 episodes ^^
    Actually he doesn´t died… who else should be the main caracter, Armin? xD

  • McChicken said:

    Them no leg and no arm to tell you the truth idk how he going to get out of that mess.

  • Poppy said:

    i guess this anime is 30 episode up

  • Toysan said:

    This anime is totally unpredictional, thats the best part of it. There is no ,,When I get mad I’ll own you all” kind of hero. I love it.

  • Snow said:

    ahhhh I already sworn not to read the manga but with an ending like this dammit, makes me wanna read the manga instead to cure my curiosity…T_T

  • rodgamer said:

    this anime’s starting to piss me off

  • Tung said:

    I bet he eat the Titan on the inside, and able to regenerate, same as in natural when the gold/silver brother get eaten by the 9tqil and they ate the 9tail from the inside and is able to get its power.

  • WTF said:

    Im done really are you serrious!? BASICLY THE MAIN CHARACTER ALREADY DEAD! AND I EVEN WARMED UP TO EREN WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rei said:

    next episode is probably going to be epic =D (except they make a flashback episode -.-)

  • hay said:

    You guys are gonna LOVE what happens next. Trust me.

  • Avrai said:

    FCK FCK FCK, i want to know what will happen next but i dont want to spoil anime myself so i wont read manga.. but.. ITS FRUSTRATING!

  • bozypt said:

    LOL really??? humankind with the technology like “spiders” and still using canons like old times?!?!? i´m guessing this anime will not survive very long. he go save the stupid blonde kid and dont use the swords to help open the mouth of the titan? or use the spider tec to go out of there? there is many things that is not making quite sence on this anime

  • Mnc said:

    Wow years of training and they didn’t teach them how to be calm

  • Skuldless said:

    @boxypt Yeah, It won’t survive very long, that’s why the manga got to the top 10 huh? You’re really dumbass -.-.

  • Eren said:

    Wow, boyzpt. Eren just lost a leg because of a deviant titan and rolled down 5-10 roofs face first and you expect him to be in top shape to save Armin? Due to the lack of knowledge with just cannons and the 3d gear, you can’t blame the humans because they are too isolated from the outside world to discover anything else. I don’t expect you to read this comment or if you will ever reply but you are by far the dumbest person I know.

    On a side note, I’m kinda bummed out that the next episode will be a flashback. I’ve had enough of those recently. Everything is going into flashback! Naruto and Bleach! SHHHEEEESH!
    Can’t wait for Eren to transform!

  • Aurok said:

    It looks like Eren would give an arm and a leg to get into Recon corps


  • TaskForce141 said:

    The way the anime, takes some pauses to explain things in incredible detail is admiring.

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