Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 6

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  • ZeroShift said:


  • -_- said:

    seriously zeroShift do you have a life because I really wonder if you do.
    You’re just a no-life who think having first comment achieve something in your life. Maybe you’re just a Troll and laugh at us who think you’re stupid. Admin of anime avenue should really kick out your stupid comment but I dont think they care about thoses who write comments.

  • ... said:

    yeah ZeroShift is annoying… The episode is not even uploaded yet….

  • trinity said:


  • Xeven86 said:

    @kilaa I really want to slap you right now -_-

  • guillermo said:

    He becomes a titan and Annie is a titan and there are titans in the walls

  • OD said:

    please respect the people who doesn’t want to be spoiled, this will be a great anime and they must see why themselves :)

  • roger said:

    Killa you’ve just spoiled a good anime for me you twisted prick!!!

  • MorisaD said:

    Well~ i think ZeroShift is an admin personnel, it is obviously by comparing its profile picture with ours.

  • DemonicKing said:

    The Manga is just as good as the anime, suggest you all read it.

  • Saeko Himiko said:

    loving it. just gets better with every episode
    Ive read the manga and its following the story perfectly almost to the letter
    cant wait for the next episode.
    I cant decide whether I like the anime style or the manga style more though either way Mikasa is hot and totally awesome in both

  • hmmmmm said:

    That was some insane past events that happened to those two. I really need to see next weeks episode. I have no clue where they plan to take the plot of this story yet, rofl.

  • Zenaku said:

    Knowing what happen next i’m a little sad that we just got a pass event :( i was waiting all week just to not see it ; ;

  • NinjaSlack said:

    lol, why did the mods allow his comment to go through!?

  • KILL DRAGONxz said:

    awsome not really i hope next week episode get to the main point no more pass events plz and thank you

  • Cloud said:


  • dragonxz said:


  • VoltronBurger said:

    guillermo= cheeky cunt
    why spoil it?

  • SJ7 said:

    Why be so mad at ZeroShif? If you don’t care then ignore him. Whining makes him think you want the first comment maybe?…

  • Zeal said:

    Insane episode woohoo loved it and can’t wait until episode 7

  • smooth said:

    It is so sad….this anime went from #1 to dead last. I will be dropping this show. Look like I have to find another anime that don’t kill the main guy for some kind of stupid twist in the storyline. No hope = sorry anime. I also look into what will happen in the Manga just as stupid. RIP SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN. I enjoy the 5 episode ride.

  • sdfsdfsdf said:

    Weird, there was a big shift in Eren’s character. He was such a badass kid taking on two grown man by himself but after that he suddenly becomes a loser wannabe hero that gets beat up by the neighborhood kids and later on too as he trains to be a soldier.

  • nativey said:

    ^notsure if srs, how do you know they killed him off? he hasnt’ been shown to be dead yet.

  • DelightThreat said:

    Ayee, poor Mikasa D:. It’s okay Mikasa you can come cuddle with me C:. I’ll keep you warm <3

  • randomshit1997 said:

    @smooth it would be stupid for u to drop the series its only beginning I would carry throw the slow parts if people didn’t do that nobody would be watching naruto or fairy tail

  • Lee said:

    man this is sad

  • Peweshtry said:

    ^ He dropped it because people spoiled it. That’s what he gets for looking at the comments. I don’t mind if people spoil it, I just take it as a possibility and find out myself but that’s just me.

  • jungsion said:

    an episode worth saying amazing about. not one of those “amazing” sluts that just throws the word around, saying it about any of them

  • bustapr said:

    i dont know about all of you, but that scene at 6:50 was the most terrifying thing Ive ever seen in any anime.

  • $u$pect said:

    obviously the mods dont read the comments they allow through because who cares right?

  • Epic said:

    epic epic epic epic Epic Epic Epic EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC! EPIC!! EPIC!! EPIC!! EPIC!!! EPIC!!! EPIC!!! EPIC!!!! EPIC!!!! EPIC!!!! EPIC!!!! EPIC!!!!! EPIC!!!!! EPIC!!!!! EPIC!!!!! EPIC!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH *faint*

  • Choclate Rain said:

    Ffs dropping this anime is like dropping your life.

  • Naurto is dead said:

    this show is magnificent. since naruto turned to useless fillers this show is a life saver!

  • Rail-kun said:

    Yes! Next Episode is gonna be awesome! “Small Knife” ahaha can’t wait, already read the manga’s latest chapter.

  • Mustrum said:

    Meh, someone is dropping masterpiece because main hero “died”. Behavior worthy kindergarden.
    Besides I don’t really think he’s dead. I have strong feeling that Eren’s death isn’t fitting (either he didn’t die, or idea of his death was forced into story).
    There are also his dreams. Firstly they suggest that he can’t die yet. Secondly this dream about his father… something is wrong with this. Also Jaeger’s behavior is extraordinary. I’m sure he witnessed horrible things as a doctor (living in this wold), but his reaction was just wrong.

  • mika said:

    oh god this anime is so..i can’t even describe how good it is.
    All the feelings damn.

    and people who just came here to spoil everything:
    thank you. thank you my ass. kill yourself pls.

  • rodgamer said:

    imagine the dick move this will feel like to ppl who find this series after it is done xD

  • rodgamer said:

    also, y is every1 crying about the spoil? the only way eren could get out of this is if he got titan regen powers anyway, so it’s kinda obvious. and could easily see the other stuff happenning

  • Preppi said:

    He’s definitely not dead. I’m just guessing but Eren had a dream about his father injecting him with some sort of liquid and not to mention the foreshadow in episode 1 about the “thing” in the basement. I would assume he’s going to regen his loss limbs somehow through the injection and become even stronger. Though this anime is totally unpredictable, depending on the final ending I’m definitely putting it on my top 10 anime list.

  • TaskForce141 said:

    I hope they continue to go more and more into detail, I hate it when people want to get into the action and skip all the information and important parts of the story.

    I wan’t to commentate, but I think I’m going to spoil to much with the ideas in my head right now.

    So I will just let it go for this episode.

  • kilaa said:

    i become addicted to this anime

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