Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 8

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  • ZeroShift said:


  • Derp said:

    You guys need to stop spoiling things for other people who haven’t read the manga. Just because you read the manga and know whats going to happen doesn’t mean you should be stupid and spoil it. If you’re going to spoil things for someone at least say spoil alert. And if you don’t wanna see spoilers. DON’T READ THE COMMENTS.

  • PokeFan said:

    Moderators, I got an idea for you.
    instead of deleting spoilers, hide them with a button “show spoiler”

    Simple tutorial to use that idea

  • kilaa said:

    yeah good idea

  • Rail-kun said:

    Can’t wait on episode 10! ahaha love this show!

  • shin said:

    Man this is an epic anime!!!!!!

  • Sachintha said:

    Eren turns into a super sayian!!! Oops… I guess i spoiled it for you… Or maybe i did it on purpose… guess we’ll never find out, mwuhahahaha… >:D

  • kurorakeanime said:

    fking awsome

  • Grimmrock said:

    Awesome episode!

  • digiclass said:

    Wooah Mikasa was so cute when she heard Eren’s heart beat at 20:53

  • dragonx said:

    lol I love you people you guys so funny lol like Sachintha

  • aurok said:

    That moment when you realise they are killing people

  • Lee said:

    it always ends at the best part which sucks

  • C.King said:


    it’s the same principle as with zombies

  • zero said:

    so so epic…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but i agree with Lee

  • ...fffffffffffffff said:

    I came to read what ppl say about ZeroShift this time.

  • XxKingEggRollxX said:

    lets all just agree that this is a better love story than twilight even thought its not even a love story to begin with XD

  • Rokkx said:

    That was too estimated… =/

  • Gecko69Mars said:

    For the people who have read the manga: Was Reiner, Annie and the other guy always together in the manga? I’ve read all the chapters so far and I can’t remember?

  • bedirxan said:

    awesome episode eren wass super :D

  • Rei said:

    This is the Episode I was waiting for =D I love the manga and Animated is it even better!

  • rodgamer said:


  • Dusk said:

    Reading the manga and then watching the episodes makes me realise how much foreshadowing there actually is, like whoa.

  • BillyMcJoe said:


    This is just a guess, but I think that when a human is eaten by a Titan they are reborn as a Titan except lose their consciousness and end up following they’re instincts (Eat humans). Though that doesn’t explain how Eren kept his consciousness, maybe his anger for Titans was too strong or something.

  • Tung said:

    It’s called a cliff hanger, so you get excited about the next episode

  • ace said:

    lol human susanoo ftw!!

  • Kei said:

    that.. was amazing.

  • TaskForce141 said:

    Mikasa’s response to seeing Eren alive and well again

    Mikasa : Eren ples…


  • dominic said:

    Awh dudes…. did Mikasa Cry in the manga ? because in this episode i swear i almost felt like crying when she did. I’ve already read the manga to the current release. but i honestly think the anime is better

  • JASON said:

    i like how the intro how that titan eats eren so gracefully

  • ThisFoo said:

    the awkward moment when you finally see Eren Kick some Titan ass but as a Titan O_o

  • kilaa said:

    wow i love this show!!!!!!!

  • Detor said:

    14:10 Moe Titan :D

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