Suisei no Gargantia Episode 3

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  • David said:


  • hades said:

    Man Haiyaku

  • Revy said:

    Sadly we will have to wait a week for this….. Since Episode 2 was released on the internet by someone who got a copy of the Episode 1&2 buddle that they gave 8000 Copys out. So this sundays episode is the airing of Episode 2 not the mighty al awaited episode 3… #onemore week.

  • hades said:

    let cross our finger

  • erod923 said:

    i hope this robot translation thing going on will end soon not loving it but either way not really a problem just would rather red or whatever would learn their language

  • VietExtender said:

    This episode just ruined it for me…. They basically restricted his powers and gave him more trouble.

  • razarit said:

    Have NO idea wtf you are talking about revy…
    looks like episode 3 is up and ready to go this week, not episode 2.

  • Destropack said:


  • bustapr said:

    nothing says thank you better than a buckt of fresh dying fish xD

  • Zarozian said:

    Learning another language is hard~

  • zero said:


  • iProudAzn said:

    @razarit…check when he posted his comment. He was talking about last week. Since they put out 2 episodes, last week didnt have any episode shown.

  • Steve said:

    If thrown into a culturewith a completely unkown language a person can become fluent in a language in 7-8 weeks

  • Jacob said:

    @Steve Did you just say that you can be FLUENT in a language in less the 7-8 WEEKS? I have friends that have Mexican parents that have been here for almost 3-5 years, and they don’t have Enlish near fluent. I don’t know if your doing sarcasm, but I don’t see any in your comment. I hope you really don’t think you can be fluent in a language in 7-8 weeks. It takes years of practice to get fluent.

  • Jamming said:

    @Steve – The operative word is “Can” and not “Will”. I believe you are talking functional in the language as their are native speakers who are not literate in their fluent language. The Immersive setting is probably the most effective choice as far as time.

  • Avrai said:

    he should wipe whole fleet instead of destroying shitty cannons, but whatever, still cool

  • TrueFact said:

    @Jacob I agree with Steve. I’ve learnt English in 2 months living in the UK. It’s still hard work but if you’re dedicated you’ll learn a new language rather quickly!

  • AcadGlade said:

    All I read are a bunch of whiney people, they only restricted his use of deadly force, and in the end the pirate queen died, not because he killed her, but that she refused to surrender, she did say ” I’d rather die in hell that to surrender to you. ” he only accepted her wish and let her go…flying.

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