Suisei no Gargantia Episode 7

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  • ZeroShift said:

    last ep was amazing

  • Steve said:

    I still hate you even with your new found complete sentences.

  • DeathAwaits said:

    Finally Ledo can stop being a hippie and do some badass stuff again! :D

  • rodgamer said:

    ^ roflmao xD

  • CaDeS01 said:

    Fantastic ep and getting really good again. I think an ep would be great if chamber showed those idiots just how “sacred” the hideauz really are of a recording of one of the space battles against them and showing them an example of just how many humans they kill. I wonder how they would react to ledo and his mission of destroying every one of them then lol.

  • asdf said:

    I’m totally on Ledo’s side. Go and mess with them, kid – but I fear that this is the typical ‘they only attacked because you attacked first thing’ what happened to the good old ‘they are bad guys, really bad, kill them all’ thing?

  • Zarozian said:

    I have never seen such a group of such pathetic humans in anime, cowering at the enemy like pigeons to a human on the sidewalk.


  • Demelicos said:

    I always did wonder why they went through a worm hole to attack them, if they were the aggressors, then they wouldn’t need to go there to kill them.

    Co-existence might be a good thing here, but still, I’d say kill them, what is the point of having a badass robot if you’re not gonna kill or at least destroy with it, right?

  • bustapr said:

    I also have a feeling this he went to the past and ledo alone caused the hidauze to evolve into the threat they are in space. its the only explanation I can find for the events in the anime, unless he traveled to the future. this anime just got real interesting with this new developement of the fleet separating. if whalesquid are so terrifying as to attack the fleet just because of some wrench falling, then they should all just be killed. sacred creatures my ass.

  • joseph said:

    well i guess i am the only 1 in gargantia side it doesn’t make sense to fight a war the you no are going to win and it doesn’t make sense to get lots of plp kill because some kid wants a war if someone don’t bother u no bother them, ledo has just chamber to fight! how the other plp is going to fight? human ego is 1 of the worst things just get plp kill so far we had seen is human atacking the other guys so they had the right to protec their lives even if that mean killing all the idiots who want them dead. just think about co-exist is one wonderful thing .

  • AtLast said:

    Done with Hippie picnic, back to business! Interesting dilemma to whether be on Gargantia or Ledo side. The philosophy of co-existence brought peace on earth but as the human civilization evolve the situation may change, plus Ledo have seen to much atrocity to let it go. Now it’s a good rhythm, I hope it won’t go back into useless BBQ stories

  • Wam said:

    joseph… that post of yours gave me cancer.

  • ki said:

    Well I’m on Ledo side because he have seen what they can do but the people he work for in space is no better they killed his brother and had him become a pure soldier but all them stupid gargantian people need to shut up and ledo do what he knows how to do

  • olexijl said:

    This is too much. Perhaps you can all see who is the aggressor now. This episode is just brutal, but intersting in some way.

    As for me i want simply to punish Ledo for humanity ignorance and evilness.

    @bustapr: Nope, he is gone neither to the future not to the past. Merely it is the present.

    You do not understand? Let me explain my theory.

    After the battle Ledo has gone, it is the fact. Hideauze (also known as whalesquids) went to Avalon and destroyed it completely. Avalon has gone into the same thing as Ledo lost (the distortion of time/space) and crashed with Earth some centuries before the things happening to Ledo are taking place.

    As Ledo awakening, he finds himself in the present day, without any communication with the base (Avalon is lost forever). The time before the battle the people in space and the people on Earth co-existed at the same time. But it was the battle changed it all.

    People of Gargantia mentioned of lost technology.

    1. Because of Sun irregularities people has gone to space (in a very ancient times). This fact is mentioned in the anime.
    2. The advanced technology of Avalon is mentioned in the anime as well. It is not said to be Avalon, but i suppose that. I think it has to be.

    About whalesquids: the DNA of squids and whales must be mixed at some time as experiment. This experiment went out of control. The whalesquids evolved and adjuste4d themselves to the environment they are existing.

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