Sword Art Online Episode 12

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  • sdadasd said:


  • DOM said:

    danget i want to watch it (>-.-)> even the raw version :L

  • DOM said:

    HERES THE BIGGEST SPOILER OF ALL TIME, i know you cant resist to look …


  • DOM said:

    Now what im wondering is : How in the hell are they alive in the real world still ? if its been 2 years in the real world how have they stay alive that long being dormit? i mean wouldnt they all have to be hospitalized ? and alot of the people that are playing the game may live alone, just by looking at their ages …. MY assumption is that all the people in the game are already actually dead. but just a theory because unless if the SAO world is like the anime “accel world” where 1 minute in real world time is like 9 days in the video game. everyone would be dead already, there would be no way they could stay alive for 2 years just laying in bed and not being fed, even if they were, laying in bed that long, or just sitting down doing nothing, they would either be suppppper fat, or suppppper skiny and unhealthy

  • Im.in.Enigma said:

    LOL, is the spoiler true provided by DOM?

  • Shiroshiki said:

    No, DOM is just making up crap. That scene was from a fanwork, thus isn’t canon.

    Btw, SAO predates Accel World. Both are written by the same author, and apparently are in the same universe, albeit vastly different times.

    They survived because their bodies are being kept alive like vegetables. If you actually listened at the first episode, you’d hear that “you have all been transported to hospitals for treatment”. They actually did spend 2 real years in the game.

  • Unknown said:

    I keep checking every day for this episode xd

    Even though I saw it comes out every Sunday, I still keep checking on the episodes xd.

    Can’t wait to see this :D

  • S117 said:

    Even with a massive flaming sword, Yui remains adorable.

  • dwa123 said:

    They are actually not in vastly different times, but yes they are in the same world and there is actually a cross over light novel chapter between the two.

  • ihatepeoplelikeDOM said:

    who the DUCK cares DOM its a Fantasy not real life game xD

  • Clannad said:

    Best anime of the year hands down!!!

  • DOM said:

    lol thanks Shiroshiki. iwas just making predictions . since i didnt read the manga, or novel…

  • Maddoodles said:

    @DOM it is just like when a person is in a coma in real life.

  • RandomRedneck said:

    I’m not crying. Just got something in my eye…

  • Shiroshiki said:


    Actually, they really are pretty far apart in the timeline. Since during Kirito’s time, they’re still discussing the Brain Implant Chip that is banned in Accel World’s time. If you watch one of the episodes of Accel World, you’ll see Haruyuki researching the B.I.C that Nomi has, and the Nerve Gear is referenced as being quite old. The crossover is a result of some mysterious time-paradox that occured during the Fluctlight test prior to the 4th arc.

  • lavabro said:

    so is kirito a hacker?

  • Task said:

    Shirokishi is correct, I’ve read the Light Novel twice.

    Plus, it’s believed that Kuroyukihime from Accel World is most likely Kazuto and Asuna’s child. Kuroyuki has Asuna’s Almond Colored eyes, they just look a bit less pronounced, due to the fact that she has black hair, rather than Brownish, like Asuna. I believe that’s true as well, as she does look like a mix between the two.

  • LOLthefukLOL said:

    how come i get sword art online on Saturday oh well don’t have to wait on Sunday =D

  • Kamina said:


    No she was raped by the guy that Kirito killed irl while she was in the game. He found her and raped her before they caught him and pulled him off.

  • psycholobster said:

    That was really sad what happened to Yui. Yui so cute. The psychological trauma suffered that would really something. Dem toad legs :P really scummy what that guy to trap the army leader in the dungeon. >:(

    Kirito as always a boss, saves Yui and Asuna from suffering the loss of a child. They are quite in love, im sure they will make it out of the game together.

    Cant wait for the next ep :)

  • McCarmine said:

    The grim reaper looks freaking awesome!

  • Sosen42 said:

    flaming sword plus little girl equals adorable!!!

  • ilikeboobs69 said:

    I wanted to cry. This anime is one of the best I’ve seen so far, I cant wait for more episodes.

  • Makesnosenseman said:

    That orchestral music near the end reminded me of Eureka Seven (The original one mind you)………….anyone else? o:

  • zenaku said:

    @DOM If they can go inside a game you don’t think they have ways to make sure the body don’t get weak while there on life support? come on now lol

  • whee said:

    LOL y is this anime getting so baaaad

  • @whee said:

    because of romance, annoying. well… if asuna dies it might turn out well, then kirito will get enveloped in darkness

  • kat said:

    OWO who raped who? :?

  • Amayahanabusa said:

    Y-YUI-CHAN……………………………………………. AWESOMENESS. *fangirls* SO ADORABLES…. *BIG LOLI FAN HERE*

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