Sword Art Online Episode 17

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  • Joseph said:


  • Looperpop said:

    Omg can’t wait :D

  • Dat_ B34trrr said:

    I suddenly like usernames based off this anime… And when is the next episode coming out? I can’t take the fact that Asuna isn’t going to be with Kirito Dx

  • dr anime said:

    sao sucks ass. anime get worse with every episode.

  • xXSnowHawkXx said:

    I dont think its possible for kirito to beat the game in before 1week all he can do is tell asuna that some ugly molester scientist wants to take advantage of her coma & marry her without Asuna even saying yes or her parents

  • TrueOrFalse said:

    Don’t just watch anime and talk nonsense,if u want to know the true storyline you can read Light Novel of this anime at Baka-tsuki

    but it’s up to u (Everyone have their opinion)

    Sory my bad english Language ^^

  • DeWhit said:

    yh, that would be my hypothosis to SnowHawk, but …. unless it decides to leave the novel story line, i doubt that would happen

  • Uhhh said:

    @dr anime
    If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Simple. I don’t understand when people comment to say an anime sucks deep into the season. Anime is supposed to be entertainment, and it isn’t mandatory to watch it.

    Also I agree with TrueOrFalse. Just watch the anime without speculating what’s next in the comment section. If you want to know, just read the novels and summaries. Baka-Tsuki has all 10 main books fully translated, as well as most of the side-stories.

    @ SnowHawk, It’s Kirito we’re talking about here. He has his SAO character wh—wait you must be a troll.

  • imericfosho said:

    It’s totally possible for him to beat the game within the allotted time. He started out with the exact same states he had in Sword Art.

  • magma6 said:

    leafa is kirito`s sister? wow

  • UnknownMage said:

    @Dat_ B34trrr
    New Episode comes out every week. (Saturday for me)

    @dr anime
    Get out of here!

    I hate it leaving me in cliffhangers!
    But I guess this is the reason I keep coming back wanting more xd

    Whoever does the Subs for these episodes, keep up the good work.
    P.S. I so saw that one coming. (His sister)

  • Knightmare said:


  • Beseter said:

    Illusion magic..this is perfect for Kirito. :D!!!~

  • TripleKeyblader said:

    It’s the inverse. At first, I though this was going to be stupid. But now, i’m starting to find this interesting.

  • Avrai said:

    let me kill that guy, realy.. this guy is making me sick, crushing some1 ones dreams, emotions, memories, evrything they got in their minds, and making them brainless dolls, if hes going to do that to Asuna.. i wont watch that episode,it would be too much pain, and Kirito’s sister.. wtf, shes trying to steal him from Asuna? DONT DO IT

  • Once said:

    i like the anime and i read the light novel, it isnt as detailed as the novel but still very very good, in my opinion, if you dont like the anime then dont see it

  • CockSalad said:

    Why doesn’t Kirito just show the photo to Asunas dad?

  • Xinxxang said:

    if u watch anime ud understand that adults will never listen to the kids listen to TrueOrFalse if u want to know the whole story

  • dafuq said:

    whoever said they weren’t gonna be together is a dumbass. Dont comment false facts idiot.

  • yui said:

    I’m so excited for the next episode and I hope that asuna will get out in the world of Alfheim

  • Cyblood said:

    Leafa = Cousin

  • .Lio. said:

    @Cyblood, Leafa = cousin/sister. LOL. She is both xD they are cousins but they are siblings at the same time. They were raised together.
    I know this because the one brother I look up to is my cousin. We were both raised by the same person. My grandmother for me and his Aunt for him. I got blood related siblings but I started to know them when I was 15 years old.


  • psycholobster said:

    That was a really good ep, seeing Yui abs Kirito. His cousin I’m indifferent too. The main villian is killing two birds with one stone. I wonder if he really will do things to Asuna’s memory. Hopefully the fights in this will be epic and there will be more of them.

    Cant wait for the next ep :)

  • jungsion said:

    how did she not think that was kirito same username they look the same and they act the same and what r the odds of them meeting like that i wonder if the novel explains that guess ill just have to wait and find out ^^

  • Swag said:

    As for how they met like that, youll have to wait and see. With the name though, no one in his family knows what it was in SAO.

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