Sword Art Online Episode 18

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  • Riekie said:


  • Dat_ B34trrr said:

    I can’t take the waaaaaiiiiit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

  • ouch said:

    and now we all die until the next episode……

  • somebodythatiusedtoknow said:

    CANT WAIT !!! :DD

  • xFIZN_F[]X said:

    The wait kills Dx

  • neodeo11 said:

    the new episode of sword art online.. it’s a bit frustrating because when the episode get’s good then we need to wait for the next release hope they make the episode release early..

  • Ichiyashi Yuna said:

    Noooooooo! UGH How dare they leave me hanging. If only I could slip into a coma until all the episodes have been released.

  • Reverse said:

    I CAN’T WAIT . . . . . . . . . .

  • Mikoto said:

    What the !!!!!!
    Episode 18 is not out yet ? I gonna die here !!! Asuna will she be release from coma and get marry with Kirito in real world ? The wait killing me !!!

  • xXSnowHawkXx said:

    who isnt dieing to see kirito beat the shit outta that guy that holding asuna hostage & save her =/

  • Tomstone said:

    Isnt it weird how she always undresses before she goes online? I guess thats up to her, but I wonder how long it is going to take her to realize she is falling in love with her brother. That moment will be akward as hell.

  • Redrhum said:

    I’m done reading the whole light novel but it’s still better to watch it. I want to watch the fight of the best ALFheim player vs Kirito. I think it will appear on Episode 21 or 22. 5 more weeks =)

  • Ursus said:


  • jungsion said:

    i wonder if kirito will ever run into the red head dude from sao

  • saiyanman said:

    in trying to understand how come she didnt notice how much her brother and kirito sound and look the same then on top of that why didnt she go into his room i cant wait to see her/his face when they find out who they really are..

  • Im.in.Enigma said:

    it’s good to see the anime was really based on the LN inch by inch! :))

  • Yugi60 said:

    Ughh! this is torture update this pleease

  • animebaka said:

    suguha nice body..haha

  • Breakerking said:

    it doesn’t feel like 24 min -.-. i always think the ep is only 10 min long omfg. too short!!!!!!!

  • Kinaro said:

    I bet that was Klien at the end who had the bat on them :D

  • Peweshtry said:

    !!!!!!! Can’t wait for the next episode Dx I can’t believe she doesnt know he’s her own brother but i think she’ll find out soon or never >.>

  • DanceAlmaLouisDance said:

    it’s not as exciting knowing they cant die :/

  • lavabro said:

    you do know that he is kirito and that kirito dose not know that lyfa is his sister. just clarifiying

  • lol said:

    lol didn’t she said shes really his cousin? i remember reading it in the subs and over there in those countries its okay for cousins to do stuff together lmao

  • LoLeK said:

    Dat anime suck a lot.
    I can’t watch it anymore.
    I like the first 3 episodes, but now it is some fcking weird story.
    His sister is fcking noob, and dat little elf + Asuna also.


  • NEEDMORE!!! said:


  • Too long said:

    The wait, I can’t take it

  • psycholobster said:

    Far out that was one hell of an ending. Yui is cute a button. Oberon is actually one sick and twisted individual. Can’t believe Leefa hasn’t figured out who Kirito is. Apart from that this ep was quite boring, watching level grinding would have been more fun.

    Cant wait for the next ep :)

  • AnamNesis said:

    ugh didn’t really like this ark in the light novel series, hurry on to the GunGale online part pleaaase x)

  • suckymesucky said:

    second time through :l

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