Sword Art Online Episode 19

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  • Ichiyashi Yuna said:

    Pretty good ….. But I just want to see Asuna saved already =_=

  • Grim Reaper said:


  • .Lio. said:

    I think she gets saved on next episode and then we jump into the next Arc which is the last “for now?”

    Anime only has 25 Episodes

  • Baruchas said:

    she got the code last episoode so she wont be saved i guess she is gone break free herself ….

  • SAO said:

    I don’t think there will be a new arc, Asuna will be saved in the last episode.

    I split the remaining novel storyline in episodes and I get 6 parts, so sadly no gun gale online.

  • mantom said:

    Didnt Asuna get the code last episode????????????

  • Eht said:

    Man, I hope they continue this anme past the Alfheim Online arc.


    Into Gun Gale online and eventually also cover the Alicization arc, which the book series is currently in the middle of. I would love to see the events in Alicization animated. Though, by that point, the anime might be like 50-75 episodes o.O

  • muhi said:

    i think they will finish this story with asuna at the last episode and will make a season 2 with gungale online and so on ;) also i think i read it somewhere that there are 8 arcs. so ich think wie will have a lot of seasons of this anime because its really popular and liked by everyone ^^

  • Marc said:

    Asuna escapes from her cage while kirito is heading to the world tree, it probably will be shown next episode or the one after

  • vlad said:

    heheh… she says ” your Spriggan magic is illusion magic and its not real good in combat…” she hasn’t met Itachi yet..

  • lavabro said:

    if she did escape while hes on his way there then that’s just and epic fail

  • McCarmine said:

    Ichiyashi Yuna, Girl you got to wait. No one wants to see the end of the anime already.

  • DoodleBot said:

    I would hate to be in front of them when they run out. They’d have a million monsters chasing after them lol.

  • taskforce141 said:

    What I’m surprised about, it was actually really cool, the fact that Kirito really did become a real monster with his Illusion skill ?

    If it was his Illusion skill, then it wouldn’t be a’n Illusion anymore…

    Maybe the enemies we’re not killed and ran off, and it was his Illusion skill that made all the enemies think the’re friends we’re dieng and made each one of them run off.
    But in reality he was only scaring all of them away, and the leader thought he was alone at the end and jumped into the water to escape cause he thought all his allies we’re killed for real.

    Or… maybe He was really turned into a monster which isn’t really a’n Illusion anymore… because Illusions are only supposed to deceive of make a fake or misleading perception of reality…

    Anyways this episode was good.

    In the next episodes I believe Asuna (with out a doubt) will escape by herself, but she will obviously meet Kirito some time later or maybe in the same episode, not only that but she’s probably gonna see Kirito with Leafa and get jealous.

    What I thought was the coolest part of this episode is when Kirito actually turned into a monster that could kill the players so easily, Kirito is full of surprises. What surprised me even more is what monster he turned into. The one from the first Arc.

  • Avrai said:

    doooh, when they are going to realize that they are siblings, i didnt read light novel, i dont know what will happen but especialy i dont want his sister to steal him from Asuna, one more thing, this ep was amazing in 2 ways, FRIKIN EPIC BATTLE, and there werent any scences with that guy keeping Asuna in cage, and.. Kirito is so damn FAST xD

  • Dxiao said:

    Taskforce ur correct but probably the next 2 or 3 episode asuna will be save and 4 or 5 episode this arc is finish

  • LB said:

    Wow, Kirito’s PTSD is so real. I miss the first arc because death actually meant something there was a huge psychology effect to it. I think that’s why his character developed the way it did.. It’s why I enjoy this series, and it’s crazy that these other players just don’t get it.

  • Peweshtry said:

    Guys even though she got the code she cant see the thing to get her out it will be all fizzy so she cant really escape but if she knows the code she can predict where the buttons are.

  • damn said:


  • Knightmare said:

    guys the anime either has more than 25 episodes
    or its gonna have a season 2
    Hope they’ll continue this anime as long as one piece =D

  • jungsion said:

    i hope that add a bunch of ovas just to show us his other spells

  • GFXGEE said:

    atlast ! frostmourne hungers !

  • dominic said:

    WOULD BE FUNNY….. if they ran into a fake exit wall…. as if it was just a illusion

  • Baruchas said:

    @ taskforce141

    i know quiet some time passed, but i guess that his body really changed into that monster-one, the thing is that a body looking like this normaly wont mean a thing in ALFheim, since real dmg is dealed by magic (normaly).

    but here it goes as we all know kirito is different, with his swordfighting-stats there wont be a problem takeing that guys on the way he did.

    so 2 things r added to each other kiritos monster stats + the monstershape.

    with just one of these the efect wouldnt have been this awesome.

  • James said:

    Brilliant episode, although I was hoping for another appearance from Asuna. Can’t wait till Saturday!

  • Kentrix said:

    i hope this Sword Art Online will have many seasons and episode like naruto..this is the best anime have i seen… love this so much!

  • Nahtotter said:

    5:52 – dcpriest+demonwarlock 0_0

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