Sword Art Online Episode 2

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  • kyoukai said:

    too cool

  • It's A Trap! said:

    Gimme dem subtitles!

  • S117 said:

    This series is awesome. People who don’t want to have to wait for episodes could try reading it. There’s an online translation of the first 9 novels.

  • blazeken said:

    finally i can watch it!

  • LaMindy said:

    AAAAH, so awesome! I can’t wait for the next episode! Hurry up, saturday~

  • :D said:

    Hazza for subs :D

  • DeathAwaits said:

    Awesome! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  • crap said:

    best anime of the summer

  • SeeU said:

    is the guy with the red hair that was in episode 1 still alive?

  • McCarmine said:


  • mcyd said:

    @SeeU, no the wall at the end of the 1st episode had his name listed with all the other dead players.

  • DeathAwaits said:

    @mcyd & SeeU
    The wall at the end didnt only have the dead ppl. the dead ppl got their name crossed off. Klein wasn’t crossed off so he’s alive.

  • freak said:

    so awesome…….. i want to be stuck here too………… the reality is soooooooooooo BORING………………….

  • S117 said:

    Killing off Klein would screw up several points in the story, including what I think the next episode is (Red-Nosed Raindeer). So no, he should still be alive, and yes, the wall is all the players, with the dead ones getting crossed out. Unless the anime has made changes, and I don’t see why they’d do that.

  • underrated human said:

    Total 100% epicness.

  • Kirito said:

    Screw what they say about me… I’ll be a king!

  • SeeU said:

    @ DeathAwaits thx for the info whew wonder when they gonna meet

  • chaos321 said:

    freaking epic

  • dom said:

    does anyone knotice that the main character in this looks almost exatly identical to the main in zero no tsukiama ?

  • wowowowowowow said:

    I think this has been stated before, but this could so easily take bleaches place at the big 3 of anime/manga. Kirito even looks like Ichigo in bankai in the opening and next episode onwards.

  • Look At Dis said:

    Condradulations! Disconected By Server 06793 Good Bye :)

    What happens next death :o so unfair

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