Sword Art Online Episode 21

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  • SSJ3 said:

    SAO is the best!

  • Lycaon said:

    Get the Next Episode!!!!!!~

  • john pau pocong said:

    mahal ko si barot ako ay isang batang matalino gahahin nyo ako mabait

    at magalang akoy isang pinoy may pusong cheesecake :)

  • john paul pocong said:

    ilove saw just like i love myy gf barot :)

    plss release it fast my gf and i cant w8 xD

  • Looperpop said:


  • Rei said:

    What licked Asuna?

  • hanafi said:

    whats wrong with this gangnam style sound never stops.

  • Prime said:

    i have a problem, i don’t have sound :/

  • Julie said:


  • Yolo said:

    Freaking hentai slugs :3

  • Kieran Williams said:

    They skipped the second best bit if I had to put it into episodes it would have been 2 to 3 episodes long

  • roy said:

    i liked the first part of sao more had more of a game like feeling and also what is bugging me is how the hell can she not notice that he is her brother i mean comone even the character looks like him second u would notice some behaviour of ur family third he talk about his girl in hospital in the game he is looking for her its to obiouse sorry for my english

  • Aeolus said:

    They always end the episodes with a cliff hanger! Ahhhh!!!!!!!! I hate waiting a whole week. Kirito go save Asuna already!!!!!!



  • Im.In.Enigma said:

    Hey all of the LN readers, did the anime skipped the part where they met a monster God or something and became friends with it? did they really skip it right?? :)
    good episode!! <3 <3

  • Michael6741 said:

    Dam you SAO and your cliffhangers!

  • RJ said:

    The irony where Suguha falls in love with “someone” else to forget about her onii chan, but that someone is her onii chan’s avatar in a game. Poor Suguha. :(

  • saiyanman said:

    damn can his sister not get a break lol im in love with my brother but he is in love with a sleeping girl i go to another world to forget about him but end up seeing him again but not knowing..i cant wait to see what she says when he tells her is real name lmao. but goddammit cliff hangers you did it again..

  • Forlimited said:

    Why stupid monster lick Asuna.!! Can’t wait for next episode ‘GrandQuest’

  • Oich said:

    @Im.In.Enigma that’s what I was thinking… if im not mistaken in the novel the bridge breaks after Kirito’s transformation

  • Sercantos said:

    a great episode….. silly sister has to sort herself out though…. xD

  • Nayumei said:

    @Im.In.Enigma It looks like they did skip that, I’ma little disappointed :[

  • Bubu said:

    Cliffhangers again. This is getting intense.

  • chris said:

    i thought it is a palmprint security system. heck it is easily bypassed by asuna

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