Sword Art Online Episode 22

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  • Im.In.Engima said:


  • Lycaon said:

    Next Webisode! lol

  • MrThirdManPLUS said:

    third again…


    1 week waiting for sao compared to 1 year when sao haven’t came out yet… WHAT THE DIFFERENCES?

  • Zangetsu said:

    most addicting anime ever xD can’t wait for this one :P

  • atfast said:

    IM An Online gamer and i love this anime

  • Buala said:

    Damn, Next episode! Now! >:(
    P.S. This episode was gooood :D

  • animebaka said:

    poor suguha…
    and i prefer kirito+asuna

  • jungsion said:

    Now she realizes lol

  • Tomstone said:

    I have forgotten how much fun a Raw version can be. I dont need to watch again to know what went on. This was a awesome Episode and I hope by next week the 2 races got their equipment together to try again.

    Wonder what Leafa is going to do, thats got to be akward.

  • lDemonHunterl said:

    Sometimes i feel like all i do on Sat. is wait for SAO to be subbed, and then watch it!

  • lalala said:

    kirito was being stupied when he challeged the gate thing, he schould of transformed

  • Rail said:

    Poor Suguha, hurt 2x </3

  • radway said:

    I think they want to kill me! T^T THE CLIFFHANGERS!!!!!

  • Yuukimaru said:

    Dafuq? I thought she already realised that it was Kirito and that the one he was looking for was Asuna?

  • bob said:

    i hate sao. sao sucks. and i espcialy hate kirito and asuna,

  • mathias said:

    Sugoi episode!!!!!!!!!!!
    Poor Suguha, hope she can turn in to family love and use it to help Kirito.

    Keep up the good work with the Ep. Cause they are that´ good!!

  • Madrespect said:

    who else thought they wouldve kissed?

  • Uhhh said:

    Well, think about it. Would you think some random person you met online in some random MMO with thousands or millions of people is someone you’re really close to(and secretly love..)? Not to mention said person is recovering from a traumatic experience related to MMOs.

    The odds are pretty much impossible, and it only happened here because of plot convenience.

  • You said:

    COOL EPISODE XD. 7 days is too lonG );

  • You said:

    bob u suck.

  • You said:

    can he fly when he transform into a beast?

  • Avrai said:

    lulz poor Sugu, yet i would say “gtfo” to her cuz this anime is a miracle to me(like One Piece, TTGL or Fairy Tail ), and Asuna X Kirito is best couple and wont let that change :D SAO is worse than drugs

  • wizard172 said:

    kirito se demoro 2 años en terminar SAO y solo 6 dias en rescatar a azuna del ALO

  • AncientStorm said:

    does anyone here know when they’re gonna release the OST (the backround musics).?

  • atfast said:

    LOVE IT!! wahaha NEXT EPISODE NOW!!!! 23

  • BetRaYed said:

    OH YEAH!!!

  • Gabbo said:

    SAO doesn’t have the same gravitas now that it’s just a game. Withought consequences for failure (i.e. DEATH) Kirito’s accomplishments seem so…trivial.

  • CrescentMars said:

    I’m a squid and i love this anime.

  • pete said:

    Hey is it me or is this anime just to dam Awsome and yeah I rather kirito and asuna be together

  • owen said:

    this will be exciting
    i can’t wait for the next episode

  • whee said:

    hehey! it’s incest drama, something finally interesting lololol

  • Athanae said:

    In the light novel, she already told him about her feelings for her brother before she realised he was the brother in question, and that was way funnier, beside, the dungeon isn’t described this way at all in the book, I used to be delighted by the accuracy of the adaptation, and they killed that in one episode.

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