Sword Art Online Episode 23

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  • FIRST said:

    FIRST , gonna be epic!

  • atfast said:

    I’m going crazy if they don’t post it >_<

  • RaNDOMNESS said:

    … RaNDOM turn of Events

  • hi said:


  • ... said:

  • You said:


  • joe said:

    Omg.. i,am really into this Perfect anime… i was crying,happy,exited and i feel the love from this anime.. really touch me..

  • palaiyouth said:

    tank na new manga inn dot!!

  • ickda said:

    love the searies, if this is mah little sistters site then shout out, ello from aj, see you guys in the rain, lol

  • Spaceman said:


  • ur mother said:

    where is the eng sub?!?!

  • Looperpop said:

    Yaaaaa rematch raid :D!

  • lDemonHunterl said:

    For such a popular anime its amazing how long it takes to get it subbed. I mean i feel like all i do on Sat. is wait for SAO to get subbed

  • Dizzypixel said:

    Amazing i dont want this to end next ep :<

  • Chamba said:

    next pls X.x

  • Asunafan said:

    Dammit, I really hope kirito doesn’t cheat on asuna.

  • Looperpop said:

    aww they ended it at such a good part >:o

  • ChronoBurt said:

    Another week of waiting if before us…

    Were Probaly F*cked

  • icepill said:

    It would of been a massive “Troll” if Kirito’s flying limit ran out.

  • Amber said:

    Ugh the suspense of waiting Dx I can’t wait another week!

  • Nor said:

    F the system, become a rainbow…

  • Skye said:

    Ah, that cliffhanger!

    Two more episodes left, guys!


    God damn…. The use of epic battle music in this anime is so effing good… Gives me goosebumps when watching kirito fight :D. Ill be rewatching this anime when it finishes. So dam epic…

  • Poko said:

    .Hack sign ?

  • sir facepalm alot said:

    i slap my head every time a cliffhanger happens

  • Goton said:

    Sigh……..I really hate cliffhangers :(

  • L said:

    being the 1st comment doesn’t make your dick bigger

  • jungsion said:

    what a crappy game its fixed to where you cant win

  • chaos231 said:

    holy rap cant wait till next ep hope they do the ggo ark where kirito plays as a girl character

  • chaos231 said:


  • chaos231 said:

    also there are actually 3 episodes left because they already decided to end it at episode 26

  • emarex said:

    can this series get any longer…

  • DuckyBoyz said:

    lol i feeled that this episode goes in 1 sec , very cool its make me forget the time . keep going were not ok with 3 more

  • EllahUsagi said:


  • McChicken said:

    that was awesome

  • Master d said:

    Man, i wish to be him, to have 4 to 5 chicks fall for me just for play a game and think its real. Really sad what hapened to Sugu.

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