Sword Art Online Episode 25

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  • Ben said:

    First, because yoloswag.

  • yay said:


  • JohnnyDepp said:

    i want this to come out now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Nguyen said:

    How do we keep the series going on? Or does Japan just control the flow of the animes… Because I would love to be able to influence how many episodes they should put out and they should put out like 500 million videos of this anime! Gah, I don’t want it to disappear!!!

  • You said:

    The last episode.((=.=))
    ____ | |-| | <-cries
    / \ \|_|/
    GUD ANIME |O.O| <———————HAppy
    ( \_/ )

  • You said:

    what meh face iz ruined!^

  • Skye said:

    @ John Nguyen
    The number of episodes is already pre-decided, and they were only going to do two of the arcs from the novels. So, unless they decide to make a second season with more of the arcs, this is the end of SAO the anime.

  • Im.In.Enigma said:

    hmm, to make things clear the world seed is somewhat called the whole Sword Art online or the one where Kayaba ruled and trapped all SAO players, He’ll use it to make Alfheim Online have a Goal which is to attain the stage 100 of the said game, in short he will attach the SAO in Alfheim so that the players of Alfheim would have a goal in their minds :D then before Kirigaya would visit Asuna in the Hospital, SuGou will be there to attack him with a dagger/Knife thingy but then again Sugou failed and then brought to the prison hehe..
    Nice going spoilers :D
    T@ng!na nyo xD

  • Happy said:

    I spoiler person can you keep spoling it for episode that dont come out cause i want to knoww what happends so badly

  • Weoweo said:

    Finally the last episode of this abomination

  • reyvic said:


    it will not going to end..
    there will be next game called GUN ART ONLINE..
    that will happen to the “seed” that kayaba gave to kirito..

  • ,,,, said:

    grrrrr come out come out come out

  • ... said:

    reyvic thats pretty retarded what you just said…
    1. 1st of all its gun gale online (GGO) not gun art online
    2. 2nd of all what you just said is pretty much retarded
    3. its not even a spoiler… its just really really retarded
    4. the anime will probably end here atleast thats what every1 is saying…. although i do hope for another season 2 that will show gun gale online and the alicisation arc (UnderWorld)….

    -this is all…-

  • demir59 said:

    Lets make two things strate:
    1. Its GGO or Gun Gale Online.
    2. GGO will be based of the world seed (come on thats not that much of a spoiler)
    3. They first make a certian amount of episodes then, if the demand is high enough, they resume it. Ussualy the number of episodes is between 13 to 25, but because SAO is really popular in Japan they will probably resume it, as they plan with Accel World.
    I could give more spoilers cuz I read the light novels but i won’t. There. Now have a happy holliday you all (after all its december as I’m writting this).

  • Peweshtry said:

    Why were people thinking that the anime is going to end :/ I mean theres going to be more arcs like the people said ^ above me

  • Happy said:

    yea true

  • can't wait at all said:


  • ,,,, said:

    i need moar moar moar

  • desire said:

    i bet GGO will be the the combination of ALO & SAO not with the character and skill specifications, but in terms of the environment and i think because there’s unfinished business in aincrad the underground of aincrad that’s been kept in SAO and there’s 25 floor’s for SAO to be completed and the underground passage will be revealed if they succeed on completing the 25 floors left in aincrad so i think the underworld will be based of this terms… so please respect my opinion and point of view on what will happen with GGO and in return i also will respect your perspective… thanks for reading

    go SAO ALO GGO…..

    and soon hope this anime would end up with nuero linker AW(accel world)

    go kirito/ kirigaya kazuto, asuna/ yuuki asuna, kuroyukihime/ black lotus, haruyuki/ silver crow

  • Rail said:

    Season 2!!!!!

  • Oleks said:

    Don’t worry, these 25 episodes cover only 4 books out of more than 8 :D

  • Unknown said:

    I do believe there is going to be more of this later on.

    But from the looks of it, the visual novels themselves are still ongoing. From what I remember, Gun Gale is the only arc that is completed so far, and the one after it isn’t.

    Maybe before starting the next series of SAO, they will wait for more volumes to come out first. That way they can go with another 2 arcs.

    It might take a while for another series to come out, but hopefully SAO’s popularity (I think it has some, haven’t checked) will definitely give it another season.

  • owen said:

    nice ending i like it

  • PureOtaku said:

    What did he whisper at the end!!!!

  • wolfkid12 said:

    idk how they will have another season honestly. it was very popular and probably is a big hit but some things were cut out that it needed to continue on and gun gale is probably only about 5 eps worth of animation, if that. the underworld arc could probably by itself be another 2-3 seasons. but between that and this there isnt just enough material for another season…unless they have about another 7 fillers (side stories.
    i guess we will have to wait and see. LONG LIVE SAO!!!

  • vicca said:

    dumbest shit I’ve ever seen.

  • Unlegitman said:

    Uhmm They are going to Continue in spring or Summer said from the creator they are going to Make the 3rd and 4th Arc as i have heard

  • Kyon said:

    Depressing moment when you come to the conclusion that there’s no SAO next week…..

  • Kazu said:

    They predicted the worlds end. And they were right. The end of SAO is the end of the world. We can all go die now TTT^TTT

  • DJQ said:

    What whisper Kirito in the end :D ?
    Now end this anime ended. i dont have anythink do.. ;//// SAO 3S PLZ somthing coool !!!!!!!!!!

  • Yuukimaru said:

    AWESOME series! Can’t wait for it to continue!

  • Crystal said:

    What did kirito say!!!!!!!?

  • BleachFan268 said:

    This was a really good anime all of da good animes are coming to an end

  • Kinaro said:

    Beautiful beautiful just beautiful!!!!!! And yes!! They brought back the first opening at the end ^_^

  • Ragnerroc said:

    @unknown there is two completed arcs and one unfinished, you have phantom bullet (GGO/ gun gale on-line) and then


    mother Rosario which is based in ALO and also really goes into Asuna’s past and her relationship with her mother and is probably the volume of the light novel that made me tear up the most, which is then followed by Alicization.

    -Kirito’s unheard words-

    from what I remember of the light novel he says someone’s name but it is not said anywhere later on, its possible that he said kayaba’s name

  • stoner boy890 said:

    that was an amazing story, i wish it didn’t end and there were more anime with that depth of characters and beautiful imagination.

    Long Live SOA………..

  • Skyblade 26 said:

    Now waiting begins for the Sword Art Online X Accel World

  • stoner boy890 said:


  • John Nguyen said:

    OMG There is another season!!! My reason for living is now renewed lol.

  • McChicken said:

    That was freaking Epic!

  • Anishiwa said:

    If they don’t make season 3 of SAO, my heart won’t take it DX

  • Jesus said:

    hopefully theres ovas along with season 2. eg. the intense raid to excalibur, the weird wizard of oz quest, their rush to get to kirito’s and asuna’s house again

  • UltimaSlayer said:

    Did someone did even watch animes here? when an anime ends, we see a part of the show, bt with the credits on it. Or they’d do ”to the next season” or something like that. Means it’s not the last one.

  • Unknown said:

    I my mistake then. I wasn’t aware of that other one besides gun gale.

    In that case, there is a high chance of another season coming. I also read in the other comments that the underworld arc (which I believe is the one that is unfinished) could do a season by itself.

    Maybe they will do those 2 complete arcs together as 1 season, and then do underworld as a third season?
    That will certainly be something.

    Hope to see more SAO in the near future.

    And yes, the irony of the “End of the World” is the end of the SAO world.

  • DEATH said:

    OMG. Cant wait for the next arc. or filler arc. but im really excited for the Story between accel world and Sword Art Online

  • Avrai said:

    myyy goooddddd, ive got so much butthurt right now, THERE WONT BE NEXT EPISODE! right now i feel the same i felt after watching Tengen Toppa, nice ending but there should be something else, something more to watch..
    im empty xD they took my Bleach, now they are taking my beloved SAO, WHAT ELSE ARE YOU GOING TO STEAL FROM ME?! TAKE MY LIFE BUT LEAVE MY FAVOURITE ANIMES ALONE xD

  • whee said:

    i dont like what the seed actually did (more bs, but at this point, scaling to other bs’s this series pouted so far, its ok i guess?),
    but the ending i thought was very well done.
    Dunno if this is the actual ending for he arc in the novel, but props nonetheless.

    also, subs felt a bit off

  • Izoto said:

    Damn, it’s over.

  • bjorn said:

    i cant wait
    next episode GGO

  • Sad la said:

    … it finished …

  • Im.In.Enigma said:

    ehem ,,, gun gale online is another game ya know :)

  • Im.In.Enigma said:

    if i may recall, kirito will investigate the happenings inside gun gale online that some people died of a heart attack because of playing GGO :)

  • itwasfine said:

    I liked the SAO episodes way more, second half was not really good in my opinion. This wasn’t as goof as Code geass but maybe code geass is probably setting the bar way to high.

  • theHaremKing said:

    Best ANime of 2012 imo I enjoyed every single episode… looking to buy the series when and if it comes out!

  • Reaper said:

    Video always crash

  • zero said:

    booo booo why did it end

  • Lycaon said:

    Hmm.. They actually left a ending for another season, They could actually make the show about the game of them going through it and actually getting to the goal of the game. Would be a pretty good show considering they could show the boss fights and everything. Heh Hope thats what they do I’m a fan of MMORPG’s myself so would be nice to watch that.

  • Elly said:

    What did Kirito whisper at the end?

  • stella said:

    hope to see another season of SAO… (T___T)


    THE only anime to make a grown man Scream in rage, cry in sadness, laugh in revenge and finally cry from happiness. WOW!!

  • Guypho said:

    One of the best anime! There needs to be a second season! Didn’t want this anime to end.

  • CENGIZ said:

    pls go on sao i need you :(

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