To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 24

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  • Anami said:

    I am gay. Also this sucks.

  • lame said:

    well this was lame.
    hurry up and bring out S3 of INDEX.
    Railgun series always suck.

  • J said:

    I think it was quite good, except it’s too bad that the manga didn’t come out enough for the next arc to be broadcasted

  • Tao said:

    I don’t understand the disdain some have for Railgun.

    The characters have more personality under its director, the action is interesting, there’s fewer pervert scenes, and it’s really interesting to see how things happen in Academy City as opposed to “building with magical person A doing something evil or selfish B.” There’s conspiracy, there’s character development, the plot fills in the story surrounding the city its-self rather than focus on side-plots, and each fight is against someone with a specific power or advantage and specific limitations.

    From Railgun’s perspective, her crush on Touma is an awkward romance. However, from Touma’s perspective, Railgun is just one girl in an ever-growing pervert harem.

    While the plot is basically:
    Touma meets some girl and sees her in a perverted situation, there’s some magic person that his new harem partner has problems with, Touma decides that person is doing something wrong, the magic person pulls some large-scale magic nonsense, Touma gets beaten up in some way, Touma uses his “fist of cheat” to win. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

  • Anakonda said:

    I can’t agree more with you Tao!

  • Ummm... said:

    Haven’t watched it yet (waiting for the subs), but reading the comments, a couple of remarks:

    This is really a weak excuse of an arc. That said, even without watching it, I’ll probably be disappointed. Why would I watch it? I still want to learn more of what the people in the series aim to do to expand this interesting universe that was simply based off a light novel.

    And @Tao: While I do agree that it does show character development and emotion as much as it promises the unique action sequences and situations, I’m afraid I have to disagree with that last comment on the Index series.

    While, I admit, that Touma gets into some perverted situation, those scenes only take part as a comedic device and serves little to the plot of which you are ignoring: the rising tension between two different beliefs, magic and science. In addition, Touma doesn’t even have a harem at all. Just a few girls who admire him. If anything, Touma only has feelings for one girl, and that’s it. The rest are just damsels he saved. IF you don’t see that the plot is built on recognizing the various perspectives of people and only see it as some perverted anime,then let me DESTROY THAT SCREWED UP ILLUSION OF YOURS! :)

  • Break said:

    “This is really a weak excuse of an arc. That said, even without watching it, I’ll probably be disappointed. Why would I watch it?”

    lolz. So, “I dont watch tis show, so I tink I don’t like it. Booby-action and up-skirts are what mature storiez iz about.”

  • Rokkx said:

    The manga is still on going. So here we come season 3 ;)

  • DaDude said:

    @Umm… I agree with you. This is a horrible arc, but I still watch it to find out more about the world created by the world of Index.

    @Break: I think you didn’t read the entire thing, and you sadly misinterpreted everything.

    @Rokkx: Is the manga any good? I’m scared because it might not be created by the original LN’s author.

  • Demelicos said:

    Best season end in a long time, better than leaving 100′s of questions unanswered like some animes do.

  • Qwaser said:

    come on season 3

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