To aru Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 5

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  • Nanda said:


  • JASON said:


  • ZataGigaX009 said:

    Wow… I just… I can’t.. I… I want that guy dead. Can’t wait for the next episode. I hope Misaka beats the crap out of that guy.

  • Kago-san said:

    Noooo… Even though they are clones, they’re still people with feelings.
    :( I would love for Aisaka beat that guy up…

  • anonymous said:

    ZataGigaX009, This is a second series, there’s been a first (with 2 seasons). I suggest you watch it.

  • SlashEX said:

    just watch to aru majutsu no index to find that out

  • Matthew said:

    Hopefully Misaka kills him.

  • Gecko69Mars said:

    That ending….I’ve seen something like that in an anime….

  • Gecko69Mars said:


  • Shade said:

    Then I wonder which animes u’ve seen so far.
    It’s a bit cruel indeed. But nothing uncommon.

    By the way, stop refering to Accelerator with “this guy”.
    Actually I like his messed up personality.

  • Taco said:

    Can someone explain something to me. Where in the timeline of this anime and Index is this. Cause I remember this guy got incredibly injured. So does that mean we are watching an arc that is a flashback?

  • Daus said:

    @anonymous and SlashEX:
    Actually I’m very happy that there are people watching Railgun S first. Watching Index (1 or 2) or the first season of Railgun would spoil the sisters plot.

    Regardless, sisters from Misaka’s PoV is surprisingly good.

  • Daus said:

    @taco Railgun S takes place before and during Index, Railgun 1 takes place in mid-Index and after, Index II takes place after all of them.

  • Eishiro said:

    I think to aru majutsu no index started around the time this happened so I would bet that Touma appears in the next episode judging from the similarities with the beginning of to aru majutsu no index.
    From my point of view this season of to aru kagaku no railgun fills the gap between the second season and to aru majutsu no index.

  • Zarozian said:


  • C.King said:


    oh so this is a side story! was about to say it’s a bummer that this is a prequal cause some of us know how this’ll turn out

  • Creator Sage said:

    Just What I was Waiting For..

  • Preppi said:

    Accelerator! Love him long time.

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