Witch Craft Works Episode 1

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  • PhuckFaceMcGee said:


  • creepypasta anime said:

    that was kinda stupid. i think they could have animated everyone to not look so weird.

  • Bilbo Swaggins said:

    Dat ending doe.

  • bustapr said:

    this was just badass. I thought the bunny fodder would be meh, but theyre animation is quite good. I can smell a twist coming with that “princess” thing, definitely following this.

  • joseph said:

    looking forward for more episodes

  • dafuq said:

    ………………..(that about sums it up)

  • Avrai said:

    fights were dayuum but agian main character is protected by awesome girl, why japanese people like girls playing the role of majestic prince that much? I prefer it the other way around… it gets boring after many animes. I hope he has some hidden power and he’ll unleash it :/ or at least he’ll stop being a damn p u s s y

  • Eru said:

    It didn’t seem that interesting to me. I guess I will give it 1 more episode, and see if its worth watching.

  • GaryDefiance said:

    ehhhh… I’m not so sure this one will be interesting. looks like another ‘useless guy protected by powered girl’. I guess I’ll give it a couple more episodes though. hopefully they explain SOMETHING.

  • Verfall said:

    lol Obama

  • McNuts said:

    I like this anime i’m looking forward to it and she would have some huge melons.

  • Julie said:

    One of the few harems i might see!
    It feels like one big gender bend of some typical shoujou manga with a tall guy loved by all the girls protecting the protagonist. She even called him princess and made his tie into a bow XD

  • Pandemonium said:

    Darn.. Those chibi witches in the Ending song were sooo f*cking cute..

  • Happosai said:

    yes we will have big boobies this year!

  • just your average anime fan said:

    for those of you who haven’t read the manga,just wait, the guy mc will turn badass and you’ll know why, probably in about episode 8-9 i think, unless they come with fillers

  • LSH said:

    Can’t wait til they introduce the little sister XD It’s an alright series.

  • HD said:

    I was never here.

  • Neox said:

    Finally this manga be anime , soo good man and don’t worry guys the guy has something u in him, what white and everyone want, no puns

  • T4skForce141 said:

    Guess I’ll watch a few episodes then drop the anime like most other seasonal anime, this is just another “re-skin” of the same type of anime that comes out every season.

    Nothing to be expected.. nothing to look forward too… nothing different…

    I pretty much predicted everything that was going to happen before it actually did.

  • Thatoneguy said:

    *Sigh* Just because you think something doesn’t always mean its right. So just Stfu and watch a few more episodes. If you don’t like then good for you. And also if don’t like an anime stfu and gtfo cause there are people that will enjoy this anime and no one needs your stupid negative comments.

  • Kiruso said:

    @Thatoneguy, you are really that one guy, this one who starts bashing everyone with different opinion. You need to get distance.

    The more anime I watch (also manga and LN I read), I become certain that most of series are total crap.

    Japanese authors/screenwriters generally have brilliant ideas, and then they screw everything by adding archetypal events and characters, unfitted fanservice, trashy transformations etc.

    My feelings about this anime are simillar to what the guy you bashed wrote. I’ll watch few episodes and see how the story will develop.

    Because even if most anime series are moronic, searching for those few which aren’t is worth it.

  • T4skForce141 said:

    I’m surprised the moderators let your comment threw @thatoneguy

    First they let people spoil “spoilers” the upcoming episodes of animes, now they let people who hate on nothing comment.

    Why have the comments “MODERATED” when you just let people do and say what they want ?

    anyways @thatonguy

    I’m giving out my opinion as I have many times in the past, I even commentate episodes sometimes, I remember I got requested from the admin of AnimeAvenue to be a writer for the website, I refused knowing that I had no time for it, even if I wanted to.

    I am not telling you to stop watching the series because of what I said, I’m only giving out my opinion.

    and you told me to keep watching the anime before I say anything.

    Did I not say that I will continue to watch the episodes to see ? My first impressions are 80% of times the times right for me, so I gave it out.

    If I hated this anime, I wouldn’t even continue watching it, I always give a few episodes before I actually stop watching the series.

    All and all… I hope this sums up what I said previously and you shed a new light on what you think about me and what I said.

    - T4skForce141

  • CritReviewer said:

    seems generic

  • Hope said:

    I hope in the final episode all those witches join forces against a common enemy LOL hahahha a major epic battle!! and one sacrifices after another until it’s the fire witch left and shittttt happens ;___;

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