Yosuga no Sora Episode 11

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  • laxbrohas said:

    lol i decided to watch this just to see if he bones sora, but no he goes and rapes his girlfriend. nice one, baka.

  • Rai said:

    Wow… I am very nervous as to what might happen in the next episode… Although what Sora and Haru are doing is horrible, that girl should not have barged in like that… Again, wow… xD

  • Ren said:

    Dang the last part ofo the episode is uh akward….

  • kenji said:

    on the other way its all Sora fault she shouldnt tease Haru like she did .. it’s horrible and i felt bad on what they are doing .. but on the other hand im looking foward to next episode and I still hope they will end up with each other .. :D What do I care .. Sora is not my sister :D

  • max said:

    ._. stunned. how will nao and the other girl react :D nao had done it with haru b4. the other girl is in love with haru. sora is doing it with haru. this is so epic

  • mike said:

    haru is going to do every character

  • Enma said:

    Of course Haru is going to love every female lead character.
    It is afterall, the anime of an eroge.
    I too want him to stay with Sora, but we all know that he will do that new girl last.

  • laxbrohas said:

    that would be sooo incredibly weird. i mean, they are twins arent they? thats like having sex with yourself just without a dick…. that would be hard to handle…think about the babies…. 3 armed-cyclops?

  • Innocent Child said:

    Man, it’s those girls’ fault for trespassing.
    They never showed if Haru cummed inside Sora huh?
    Or maybe they’re using a condom?
    Nah, when you’re horny you don’t got time for that lol.
    Damn, Sora is THE BEST whooooooooooooo hoooo…. that last pose of her was incredibly hot, great time to climax.
    Imagine if Sora and Haru just kept going while the other two girls are watching lmao hahahahah…. that would turn them on more wouldn’t it?

  • Fans Of Lesbians said:

    I love this anime so much…damn, it keep you on your toes every episode!!

  • Dang said:

    So im guessing we can look foward to another more akward episode next?
    Yeah Sure we can :)

  • Macduffin said:

    So…..Haru went from pimp of his high school to doing his sister…..This anime just got epic…

  • AprilDawson said:

    oh god . . . my boyfriend and I were watching this series together . . . we’re always turned on everytime we see an episode. Haru is such a whore!

  • hana said:

    omg wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow im so like oh no what would you do if you were them

  • Zenbotzu said:

    I hate to be a dick to some people but i hate the green haired motherf*cker (hate her so much that i forget her name) End of Story

  • aztygiles said:

    OMG! come on!
    what the hell are y doin haru help ur sister!

  • Android said:

    Oh, my God! The last party was really AwkwarD!!

  • degs said:

    this show gets better and better every episode make a season 2 pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :’(

  • Zero said:

    Alot of Horny Girls … Sora 4Ever ^w^

  • Lights said:

    giving a new meaning to family bonding…trololololl

  • weee said:

    that was so embarrassing >.<

  • LonelyAnimeFAN said:

    @hana if i were him i would say: Wanna join too u girls? its free for all :D =))

  • InMyHead said:

    Nothing like the manga. A lot more censored, but this is good too. If the brother and sister weren’t so… vulgar about their relationship I’d support it a lot more.

  • Nipples said:

    If i were Haru I’d just stay with Sora cause i don’t want kids anyways :p

  • Mae Shaine said:

    Sora really suffer from depression, and fear of being alone.

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