Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Episode 2

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  • deykamol said:

    Well… I have a bit more hope for this now. Although, it seems like it’s parodying YGO itself, with the over enthusiastic card drawing (though I love that he fell over afterwards), and there was a point with several split screens in a row :| It seems to have a good, solid, foundation for a plot right from the start.
    Has potential (:

  • Joey said:

    better than 5ds. :)

  • Heroic said:

    THIS EPISODE IS AWESOME!!!! I want the quick play card that Yuma used. could come in handy… bottom line, cool episode!

  • Heroic said:

    I WANT EXCEED CARDS!!!!!!!!! O_O

  • Joey said:

    just asking, when will be the sub done?

  • ZEXAL said:

    Please Where Is The Sub
    Why I Cant Find It Anywhere????
    (Episode One Have been subbed after 24 hours!)
    Whats Wrong?????

  • Heroic said:


  • anthony said:

    I want the sub just watching iy and not knowing what the “BLEEP” there saying is annoying. Where’s the sub it’s been 4 days.

  • diddy said:


  • Edward Yang Putra said:

    Finally, subs, yay, XD

  • ò.ó said:

    when its done by the original creator it’s has to be way better than the others

  • ScarRedWolf said:

    Hmmmm I don’t like it as much as I liked 5D’s it doesn’t seem to have the great……super natural element to it like 5D’s did but its still early days. The Exceed ones do look cool though, but their attack points are just too weak I mean 2000 and 2500???

  • Stardustdragon123 said:


    In Japan or later this year, you’ll get the chance.

  • DeusExMachina said:

    The duel itself was good, but damn am I the only one annoyed by the main character? He talks big but in the end he sucks. I’m afraid he’s going to have to depend on the spirit. Déjà vu?

  • donnie said:

    i dont really like this yugioh dont get me wrong it could surprise me like 5ds did but i well wait

  • BLARGH said:

    You guys do realize that they are actually called Xyz (ik-seez) monsters, not Exceed monsters…

  • crays said:

    yuma’s voice is really irratating me …

  • blah said:

    i have 4 black rimmed cards

  • blah said:

    1 is a number

  • tidus said:

    y do all the main characters in yugioh like yugi yusei and now this guy all have weird hair cuts

  • Mindnothing said:

    Wasn’t good as the previous ones… :((( T.T But still, got some goods ^^

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