Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Episode 33

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  • Curser said:

    Stealing first comment before that spammer.

  • arvin216 said:

    this is going to be a good episode.

  • Tommy meier said:

    How come this episode isn’t up yet, it was suppost to show on the 27, It’s tuesday.

  • Curser said:

    Actually it’s monday, the show airs on sundays in japan but the raw doesn’t get uploaded till monday at around this time.

  • eh said:

    …the first 2 rules of being an anime charactwer is.
    1: Soeak Japanese,Chinese.Korean, or Asian
    2:Have spiky hair of all different colors.

  • Dr.dual said:

    umm You can’t speak “asian” there no suck thing ……. but any way HOPE THE NEW SUB POP UP

  • Zuuu said:

    lol and did you also notice all the main character’s huge hair resist wind and water? its like their hair is glued xD

  • Curser said:

    Sorry, alot of tests and stuff worth 20% of my overall mark, we’ll try and get it out but im sorry no promises…

  • erniedgx15 said:

    could u try finish it today its all right if you cant, cant wait!!!!!!
    stealing first comment next video u upload lol!

  • Rex said:

    Curser is trying his/ her best so stop complaining and exam’s/ modules comes first be patient people

  • novobiljanin said:

    Good luck with your exams :)

  • erniedgx15 said:

    god bless ur exammm for u can get a high grade and keep the good work up!!!!

  • Kilameida said:

    Hey, just asking, can anyone give me the schedule for the subbed episodes?

  • Zuuu said:

    Usually up on friday. This week was an exception because of his exams

  • MultiPrismatic said:

    No ones even complaining
    I hate how there’s always more people defending the subbers than people actually complaining

  • novobiljanin said:

    We all can complain but only Curser can subb it that’s why we defend him :)

  • Rex said:

    @multiPrismatic so your one of those people who tells the subber to hurry up then?

  • Curser said:

    Well I’ve put my entire group on zexal, on one side there’s me working on episode 33 and on the other is team freedom working on 34. Then 35 should be done friday or saturday. Please be patient.

  • Bom Bo m said:


  • Zuuu said:

    lol so we are going to have like 3 episode at the same time? sounds cool

  • monkey said:

    hmm :l well i know you working for free, but can you say a none-breakeable release date?

    P.S. have somthing happend to one of you team members since the subs take three weeks??? no offence :)

  • Arvin216 said:

    Exam’s are important so it is à good reason to focus more on That then on subbing episodes.

  • Curser said:

    No it was exams and other things, we’re still doing exams, but when ever I take a break from studying I work on this. There is another group that releases 2 episodes every 2 weeks, and I was counting on that, but they didn’t release anything. So now we’re behind. As far as an unbreakable release date, I honestly can’t give you one.

  • Rex said:

    @Arvin216 I agree :)

  • kivafan said:

    arvin216 i agree but they are alot of fans well its okeay 1 to 5 days but 3 weeks i dont think you have 4 exams per day

  • Curser said:

    I can’t ask you to like it, and ive stated my reasoning in an above comment, it’s take it or leave it at this point, sorry.

  • rtpeteuraa said:

    thanks curser

  • Alex989 said:

    You rock Curser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • monkey said:

    allright :) i agree and the first was just a question XD well, exames are important – at least more than subbing – and to you who don’t agree i just say: what do you want? 3 weeks subs, or nothing? curser you are cool ;)

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