Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Episode 4

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  • I want said:

    I want it subbed!

  • jd said:

    who subs this, anyway?

  • KNIGHT said:

    i want the f… subs!!!!!!!!!!1

  • anime luver said:

    who sub this?

  • Cool Guy said:

    Come on I want subs this is taking forever

  • me said:

    look at episode 3 at the almost last comment, there is an explanation.

  • Alex said:

    omg there trying to copy the first season,trying to get back lost menmorys and he helps a bad duleist become good……. sounds the same.And i love yugioh as much as you but just wait for the subs!

  • crazy one said:

    hurray subs!

  • crazy one said:

    Interesting, so many translations for his catch phrase
    I am pop flying
    I am flying high
    Bring et’ to em’
    I’ll rise to the sky

    Any body know of any others

  • crazy one said:

    All these people would be owned by a good syncro deck

  • crazy one said:

    reverse psychology FTW

  • IConqer said:

    whomever finally subbed this I love you forever.

  • Felix said:

    Can’t they just agree on what katto bingu (That’s how it’s spelled, right? Idk, they never write it.) means? I’m a bit partial to “pop fly” myself, but that’s just cause it sounds cool, even if it doesn’t make sense.

    Also, WHY DO I LOVE THIS SO MUCH?! I feel like I’m not supposed to, but…I do. =3

  • King132 said:

    Im yuma im the best duellist of the world
    Try to beat me my turn i summon ojama yellow in atk mode direct attack and turn end
    its meaningless what you do in your turn cause next turn I summon ojame black in attack mode I will surely destroy SOMEONE !!!

  • Keys said:

    Wtf man hope they dun add exceed summon into the real games, its too easy

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