Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Episode 5

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  • I wanna said:

    I want subbs

  • VortexSting said:

    No firster here! also all those trying to say u are first stfu and try watching the show

  • VortexSting said:

    Also no seconds! and dont try to say your second either!

  • I wanna said:

    There were around 48 hours when this was on Anime Avenue. WHERE ARE THE SUBBS??????????????????

  • yoyo said:

    I want subs more than the next guy but you guys should be patient with the subber as he/she probably has a life and better things to do. Just be thankful somebody is subbing this show. Be patient.

  • I wanna said:

    Yea, but the subber skipped this episode, and they also promised sub in a range of 48 hours, so rethink. HE SUBBS OTHER ANIMES, IS THAT HIS LIFE?

  • Draco said:

    The sub will be released 16 may when the next episode is released. And so on for next episodes.

  • yoyo said:

    @Draco I totally agree with what you say as it happened with episode 4 as well. The weird thing is that there is only one subber subbing this whole series in every single anime website, I mean I would think if one subber is busy there would be at least two others. But I thank the subber for even subbing this show even if it is very late, you know the saying ‘better late than never’.

  • I wanna said:

    yoyo, you’re probably right. I apologize to the subber, but all the other latest animes are already subbed

  • Dar said:

    I’ve been reading some past comments and it sems like the subber for this anime was on a break and just came back. If you just came back from a break, wouldn’t you want some time to rest? well, I don’t know how long it takes to sub but it’s better to just be patient.

    On another note…2500 attack points again,huh? o.o, I suppose having 2500 attack points for the main character/monster is some sort of tradition in the series

  • VortexSting said:

    Doesnt Yuma know he has Terabyte >.> takes 3 monsters and WAY better… or he could just have summonned Revise Dragon or Hope…. He really fails at duelling…

  • Constantine07 said:

    why does yuma´s sister has the same voice and looks like aki izayoi from yugioh 5ds?

  • Coballes19 said:

    “Doesnt Yuma know he has Terabyte >.> takes 3 monsters and WAY better… or he could just have summonned Revise Dragon or Hope…. He really fails at duelling…”

    Lol… You fail… Terabyte and Revise dragon are rank 3, Hope is rank 4 so those level 1 tokens are not capable of summoning it.

  • Cool Guy said:

    yuma is the most fail at dueling. i think this is the worst season of yugioh ever !

  • King132 said:

    The question I wanna awnser it gogo golem destroys bugman and the controller of bugman takes 400 dmg if the both monsters doesn´t have any special effects.

  • Bugfragged said:

    It sounds like Yuma’s family knows about Astral and the numbers, since they don’t want him to duel and stated that his duels are not normal.

  • VortexSting said:

    well srry Coballes xD i dont look at the card THAT closely. and still baby tatregon >.> frickin wishing to be screwed over

  • Exceed Fusion Synchro said:

    Okay, I’m really liking this series. However, just a note for the guy who subbed this; you made a mistake. It’s the “Ante Rule”, not the “Anti-Rule”. If you need a reference, the conditions of the Ante rule are reflected in the spell card “Ante”. It’s pronounced “anti” or “Antey” but is spelled Ante.

  • Dave said:

    Is that Insector Haga’s cousin?

  • Gazz-man said:

    all the others yu-gi-oh seasons were amazing, this is just pure terrible watched 1 minute of this and statred watching GX again, its just so… so BABYISH!!! :L , its terrible really bad. what were they thinking

  • kngu9331 said:

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