Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Episode 58

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  • MR-JACY said:

    1st cool ep can’t w8t for next one =-)

  • Neraciro said:

    GET OUT >:C

  • arvin216 said:

    the new number card: destiny leo.
    what kind of monster will it be.

  • Monlat said:

    hello OMFG stop saying cool episode can’t wait for the next one before you have watch the episode OMFG

  • arvin216 said:

    what happened to iv number cards?

  • Neraciro said:

    So what brought about IV’s drastic personality shift in this episode? I’d first hazard a guess that one or more of his Numbers were possessing him, but aren’t the Crests supposed to protect him from that? Or was it just his way to bury all of his grief under rage? Maybe, just maybe, IV was so desperate to save his father and so angry at Shark that his darker persona evolved from that. It’s difficult to explain why he would be mad at Shark, but overall I think it is because he might view Shark as a stepping stone on the way of Tron’s mad ambition.

    …Of course, it’s all just an idea.

  • ? said:

    reminds me of shooting quasar

  • Arthas3 said:

    and i thought shark’s deck would evolve to use mermail…. Oh well. Also, IV got angry because Tron wanted to use Shark to kill Faker not him (a.k.a IV)

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